10 Alternatives to Hazing

By: Abby Elrod, Area II Collegiate Operations Coordinator

“Within our democratic world, a fraternity is looked upon as a laboratory of improvements for all its members. Phi Mu’s long history of accomplishments proves her ability to grow and flourish and to extend her influences into all areas of life.

The wonder of Phi Mu, her essential quality that inspires devotion and loyalty through life, cannot be told. Only through the experience of association, only by participating in our Fraternity activities, only by sharing in our Golden Bond, will you come to learn what Phi Mu has meant to generations before you and what it can mean to you. It is when you come to Phi Mu, eager to participate fully and share wholeheartedly the ideals of our Fraternity, that you will realize and experience the rich heritage of our Phi Mu.”

Do you recall hearing these words? If I’m being honest, I’d answer that I don’t remember this. Truth be told, these words were spoken at the first sorority service I ever attended (weird Preference Night ceremonies aside)—my Ribboning ceremony. Isn’t in interesting that these words were spoken during our first days as new members?

When I think about the beautiful words above, there’s one thing I don’t notice: any mention of hazing, demoralizing members, or acts disparaging our sisterhood. From our first moment as members, Phi Mu asks us to associate, participate, and share, and by doing so, we receive the full benefit of sorority life.

Instead of acts that damage our sisterhood, I think the most important thing we can do as sisters is build one another up and inspire each other to become better women. When I joined a sorority, I wasn’t sure of what I wanted to get out of it, but I know that I didn’t join to become a terrible person. Phi Mu exists to make us better—we are expected to be noble women, and that doesn’t involve hazing.

So instead of hazing, I offer you 10 alternatives that are actually more fun:

  1. Dance parties – doubles as hilarious stress relief and cardio.
  2. Dressing up for mixers – it’s not very often that you get to make fun of your high school self, pull out your western gear, pretend you lived in the 80’s, or pretend you’re at a luau in December.
  3. Giving gifts – because pink holidays are the best days ever.
  4. Crafting – who doesn’t love glitter?
  5. Making those grades – you are in college and those credits are expensive
  6. Bonding with sisters – because sometimes your freshmen year roommate is creepy, and there’s nothing better than times with sisters.
  7. Community service – Phi Mu asks us to be noble women, and there’s no better way to do that than by serving others.
  8. Formal – it’s like prom, but better!
  9. Big / Little – there’s never been a better pair than the two of you, so love her and show her the right way to be a Phi Mu.
  10. Being an alumna – because Phi Mu gets better with time.