Ideas for National Philanthropy Day 2014

National Philanthropy Day is just under two weeks away. Make a plan to roll up your sleeves and get out into your community on 10/20.  Share your good work on social media using #phimuserves so all can see your impact.

JUST DO IT on 10/20 (no significant pre-planning or research needed)

  • Go through your house and collect items in good condition. Take them to a local organization in need.
  • Go through your cabinets and collect non-perishables. Drop them off at a local food bank.
  • Cook dinner for an elderly or ill neighbor.
  • Babysit for free for a family or friend.
  • Walk through your neighborhood or stop by a local park or playground and pick up any litter.
  • Gather up your gently used books and videos. Take them to your local hospital for inpatients. Take children’s books and videos your local CMNH hospital.
  • Make a monetary donation to CMNH or a local cause.
  • Give blood. Find a blood drive near you at (
  • Mow or rake a neighbor’s lawn.

INVOLVE OTHERS on 10/20 (some pre-planning & research needed)

  • Hold a canned food drive or donate food to a local food bank. Take paper bags for your neighbors to fill and then collect and deliver on 10/20.
  • Gather friends or family members to clean up a local park, playground or stream.
  • Raise money for CMNH or another cause by holding a lemonade/cider/hot chocolate/baked goods sale on Monday 10/20.
  • Hold a car wash as a fundraiser.
  • Reach out to local shelters and collect needed items (toys, toiletries, household goods) from friends and neighbors.
  • Collect goods for packages for men and women in the United States Military currently serving overseas (for guidelines and ideas visit
  • Collect needed items for an animal shelter.

SHARE YOUR TALENTS on 10/20 (significant pre-planning & research needed)

Find an organization that could use your talents on 10/20.

  • Talented conversationalist? Go spend time at a senior citizen center, hospice or nursing home playing games and sharing your company.
  • Skilled carpentress, repairwoman, landscaper? Find a church, shelter, school or organization to use your talent for free fix ups or repair. (or do it for a neighbor in need!)
  • Know your way around a computer? Support an organization or neighbor with your technical skills
  • Willing to serve? Volunteer at a food bank, serve meals at a shelter, help at an animal shelter
  • Literary type? Read to children at school, daycare and/or aftercare.
  • Event planner? Host a service party for friends, families or children. Prepare sandwiches for a shelter, make cards and care packages for service members, make blankets for an organization in need, decorate delivery bags or make embellisments for Meals on Wheels recipients ( for locations).