‘Tis better to give than receive

maryellenBy: Mary Ellen Smalley, Area I Operations & Finance Director

To lend to those less fortunate a helping hand. To be to others what we would they would be to us. To minister to the needy and unfortunate. To practice day by day love, honor, truth.

Our Creed spells it out quite clearly, as Phi Mus we commit our lives to makes the lives of others better. What an awesome responsibility and opportunity we have to make a difference.

It wasn’t until about three years ago that I realized the impact that giving of your time and compassion can really have. My husband and I were married in August; he has two sons with autism and was already committed to working with Autism Speaks. From the day we started dating, I knew that I also wanted to help.

The annual Walk Now for Autism Speaks was October 12th. During the walk each year, families of children with autism can have a day at a beautiful baseball park, run free, jump on trampolines and walk around a great Columbus neighborhood, without being judged. That’s a big deal to families with children who have meltdowns daily in public, who won’t eat certain foods, wear certain clothes or sometimes can’t speak. The looks on the faces of the parents, to be in a place where they truly know they are 100 percent accepted, is the greatest reward.

After attending my first walk, I decided I had to do more, and I became the social media chair for our local chapter. I built a community of people who want to share their challenges and successes, who want a place to go for resources and who thrive on finding someone else who “gets it.”

There are thousands of worthy causes in the world and I challenge you to find yours. As the saying goes, “’tis better to give than to receive,” and when you see that you’ve given a family or a child a smile, a better day or a warm hug, you will feel the difference inside.

You will know that Mary, Mary and Martha are smiling on you and you will feel the bond of Phi Mu grow.