I’m Asking You to Think About It

Elyse Head Shot 3As a social justice educator and Phi Mu’s Director of Leadership & Curriculum Development, I believe in helping collegiate women find their voice.  About a month ago, I asked recent Phi Mu UIFI graduates if they believed, as I do, that more awareness should be raised to stop the perpetuation of stereotypes through insensitive Halloween costumes and social themes.  With a resounding, “Yes!” the Think About It initiative was born.  This Halloween campaign aligns closely with my personal and professional values of providing educational initiatives that promote discourse, challenging dialogue and “ah-ha” moments.

Phi Mu now joins student organizations, universities, bloggers and other fraternity men and women who have been educating society on this issue in recent years.

We ask you to take few moments to listen and watch your Phi Mu sisters share their feelings on showing respect and consideration for all people and communities, even when choosing a  Halloween costume or social theme.