Falling into Phi Mu – Chapter Consultant Perspective – Brooke Summerlin

Shifting through my emails, something pops up that peaks my interest. It is the Phi Mu chapter consultant application for the 2014-2015 school year. I sat there staring at my computer screen a little shocked at the realization that it had been a year since I had seen a very similar application pop up in my email. So much has happened in the span of just a year. I had survived being President of my chapter, graduated from college, and received the job of a lifetime. The emotions from the year before,  when I applied to become a chapter consultant, flooded back. The nervousness, the joy, and everything in between. Even in the span of a year, I have changed from everything I have learned and seen. I have never experienced such joy as I have over these past months to see how truly vibrant our sisterhood is and to know that I have played some small part to ensure the longevity of Phi Mu for years to come. As I watch the seasons change from Summer to Fall to Winter, more realizations come to mind. As the end of the semester draws to a close and executive committees transition from old to new, new life is being given in to each collegiate chapter. As the seasons are transitioning so are our chapters. As a new alumna  I am reminded why Phi Mu is so truly important in shaping young women into the leaders of tomorrow, and with it I am renewed in the faith of the ideals of our founders. I am not worried. As the seasons change without falter, so will the continued growth of Phi Mu. So take time, truly appreciate the changing of leaves, the first snow fall, and everything Phi Mu has to offer.