Memories & Paths – Chapter Consultant Perspective – Brittany Markowitz

As Thanksgiving approaches, for me, it’s all about the memories with my family in the days leading up while we make preparations and then celebrating together.

That is what my time as a consultant has been to me as well. The people I have met. The memories. The path. The measure of success isn’t always the final outcome. It’s the getting there– the journeys and the laughs and sometimes the tears along the way.

This job is just as much about helping our chapters as it is learning about ourselves. It is about pushing and challenging ourselves, our members and each other to achieve even more. It is the little things, like helping to cut chapter elections down from four hours to two, convincing that new member to apply for a committee position, or teaching a chapter president how to lead a meeting on her own. I have learned that as a consultant, we cannot do everything. We will not be able to accomplish every single goal we set out to do. We can, however, help lead women to get on the correct path.  Those little changes make the biggest of differences.

For the rest of the year, I challenge myself and fellow consultants to focus not only on the end goals, but also on the memories and the paths that take us there. Let’s stop and smell the roses. Let’s stay up a little later than normal just chatting with the members at the chapter house, even if we have an early flight. Let’s go with chapter members to the on campus production of Peter Pan or the Day of the Dead celebration. Let’s stop at a movie theatre with chapter members just for the popcorn with no intention of seeing a movie. Most importantly, lets make sure we remember every bit of our experiences over the next 6 months.