January or March? 1852 or 1904?

Phi Mu celebrates Founders’ Day on March 4th of every year, even though tradition tells us that our three founders, Mary Myrick Daniel, Martha Hardaway Redding, and Marty Dupont Lines founded the Philomathean Society on January 4, 1852.  They kept their new organization a secret for a few months before announcing it as students of Wesleyan College.  The name Phi Mu Fraternity didn’t come along until even later in 1904!

So, while the Philomathean Society was founded in January of that year, we honor and celebrate Mary Myrick Daniel, Martha Hardaway Redding, and Mary Dupont Lines on the date they publicly established The Philomathean Society, March 4th,  bringing to Wesleyan College what became the beloved Phi Mu Fraternity that eventually made it’s way to each of us.  These three teenage women, who were ahead of their time, never could have known that 163 years later, hundreds of thousands of us would claim their values and principles as our own.

Happy Founders’ Day to all Phi Mu sisters everywhere!