My First Alumnae Founders’ Day Celebration

Saturday I had the opportunity to attend an event where women of different ages, different places and different ba,ckgrounds could come together. The thing that brought us all together was Phi Mu. It was my first Founders’ Day Celebration and I was able to hear stories, firsthand, of how much of an impact Phi Mu had on women’s life after their time as a collegiate¬†member was over. Being alumnae didIMG_0440 not mean they would be done with Phi Mu and branch out into the world on their own. The bonds they formed with their sisters were strong and stayed intact years later. I heard stories of women finding alum chapters in new cities and finding a circle of friends right away. They assured me no matter where I ended up after college, I am never far from my sisters.

I was able to witness the initiation of the new alumnae executive committee. Though they were women with families and careers they still had events all over the city for socializing and fundraising. Someone does not have to be in college to meet with their friends for a night of fun, and there is always time to give back to the community. The alumnae committee just makes it a little easier.

IMG_0418Near the end of the event, we all circled around the room, held hands, and sang “Picture a Girl.” Though I had never sang the song before, the alumnae sang the words proudly and were able to lead the Phis. Seeing that large circle of women, I realized the commitment I made for Phi Mu is much longer than college. It is for life, and I will always have sisters surrounding me with support at every step of the way.

Love in Our Bond,

Sarah Miller
(University of Washington)