Initiation and Installation Brunch

IMG_0505This weekend was one wild whirlwind. Not only was there initiation but also there was installation. At every other event everyone is talkative and having fun but at initiation there was a nervous energy hovering over us. We had no idea what was going to happened once we entered the closed doors. But once we emerged, we were ecstatic because our time as a Phi was over and we were all officially part of Phi Mu.

The following day we had installation since we were a recolonizing chapter. It was special because National President, Beth Monnin, was there to sign our charter and welcome us to the Phi Mu community. Then it was our turn to sign the charter. We all waited in line excitedly, knowing that charter will be framed in the house for the years to come. Even when the time comes and we must move out, our signatures will be there to remind the new members we were founders. There are many memories to come with my new sisters but that one will forever be history.

Joining Phi Mu was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Being from Wisconsin and going across the country for school, I came here not knowing a single person. It was scary and lonely. I made friends in class but quickly learned when the quarter ended, the friendships faded. I needed something that was going to last longer than one quarter. That is when I saw the signs for Phi Mu. I went to the information sessions and quickly fell in love. The philanthropy and creed really spoke to me and I knew it was something I wanted to be part of. Seven and a half weeks after Bid Day and there I was,  becoming part of an organization where I had over one hundred new sisters and could make a different in the community. Not only was I becoming a member but I was a founding member. I had the opportunity to sign my name to the charter, and just like my commitment to Phi Mu, it is there forever.

Love in Our Bond,

Sarah Miller