Best of Founders’ Day 2015 – Social Media Edition #phimu1852

Eve @itschristmasEVE  Mar 4These letters don’t make me better than you, they make me better than who I used to be. #PhiMu



Phi Mu – American University – …we are so proud to represent Phi Mu and live our ritual every day. Thank you Phi Mu for bringing all of our sisters together to form our loving bond.

Kristina Brooke Houchins – In honor 163 years of sisterhood, I thank Phi Mu for providing me with a community of women that constantly make me feel loved, valued and supported. I thank Phi Mu for providing me with a set of guiding principals that consistently remind me to hold myself to the highest set of personal standards. I thank Phi Mu for being more than just four years, thank you for becoming a part of who I am. ‪#‎phimu1852 ‪#‎phimu163yearsstrong ‪#‎phimudeltatheta ‪#‎sappyalumnaestatus

Kathy Williams ·  My life changed forever because of this group of women and the thousands I met while serving our Fraternity. Happy Birthday Phi Mu! I do believe that M, M and M continue to be amazed at what their dream has become.

Aileen Sia Eaves – …. I have learned from amazing role models, seen tremendous opportunities and growth, and made lifelong friendships that can only be described as a true bond. Wherever I have moved, Phi Mu has been there for me and been my support network proving Phi Mu is so much more than 4 years at college, Phi Mu is for a lifetime. I owe many of my personal and professional achievements to Phi Mu. Happy Founders Day to all my sisters across Phi Mu America!!!

Jordan Bebee – Happy Founder’s Day to my favorite Fraternity! Founded before sororities were even a thing, Phi Mu has given women from all over the world an unbreakable bond and a sisterhood that lasts a lifetime! I for one will never be able to express how blessed I have been because of Phi Mu! It has given me the opportunity to grow as a leader, become a better friend and sister, and serve my community in a huge way! I will never be the same because of this amazing organization and the courageous women who founded it 163 years ago!! ‪#‎PhiMuFoundersDay ‪#‎PhiMu‪#‎PhiMuKappaEta ‪#‎PhiMuSince1852 ‪#‎163YearsOfPhiMu ‪#‎PhiMuPDA‪#‎MaryMaryMartha ‪#‎LesSoeursFideles

Kelly Trainer Policky ·  …. One of the best decisions I ever made was joining our sisterhood. Phi Mu gave me strength and perseverance, it gave me leadership opportunities and skills, it gave me perspective, and it gave me training for the “soft skills” that I would need to be successful in my career. Phi Mu gave me so many women in my life who are such a joy to me – my friends and my sisters, you know who you are, and I’m forever grateful for the place you have in my life. ‪#‎phimu1852

Kristin McChesney –

Happy founders day Phi Mu Fraternity! 163 years ago three young women dreamed of creating an organization based on love, honor and truth. This fraternity has forever changed my life for the better and I am so blessed to be a part of such a phenomenal sisterhooood.  ‪#‎itsnotjust4years‪#‎PhiMu1852 ‪#‎HalfOfMyHeart ‪#‎WorthMoreThanGold‪#‎FresnoStateEtaZeta ‪#‎UWEtaBeta

 Jen Wu – ….Phi Mu really is about having an instant bond and a friend no matter where you go. Grateful to get to know women who might not have ever crossed my path without Phi Mu.

And an Honorable Mention to this guy!

Ben Sellers @bhsellers · Happy Founders’ Day to all my friends and 14 family members that have pledged @PhiMuFraternity #PhiMu1852