Initiation, Installation and Inspiration

initiationThis last week has been the most important week of my Phi Mu experience. Starting on Saturday, February 28th, I was fortunate enough to be able to attend my first Founders’ Day brunch. Leaving that event, I was excited and ready for my future as a Phi Mu. Each day of the week we had meetings to help us get ready for initiation and get us excited about being a Phi Mu.  After each meeting I felt a little more prepared and honored to be able to be welcomed into such a wonderful organization. Friday, March 6th was our official initiation into Phi Mu. The initiation was more than I could have ever expected. Having the National Council fly in from all around the country just for us, was a very rewarding experience. We had a small opportunity to mingle after initiation and meet everyone that made that ceremony possible. All of the alumnae and the National Council were so open and seemed to be just as excited about the Eta Beta chapter as we all were.

The next morning we had the initiation brunch. This brunch was open to guests- I thought it was a great way for our family to understand why we chose Phi Mu. I saw many parents who didn’t understand why their daughter wanted to be in a sorority when the brunch began. But by the end of brunch, Phi Mu did its thing and had inspired everyone in the room. I could tell that by the time the brunch was over the parents left understanding why their daughters loved Phi Mu.

I am still in disbelief about all the caring, open, genuine ladies that I am now able to call my sisters. This is a very surreal experience, and I know I am not alone in this feeling. At our meeting on Monday, we held elections for the executive committee. This election was very long because so many of the girls wanted to get involved, at times we had eight people running for a single position. This proves beyond a doubt that the events had inspired more than just me to get involved and dedicate ourselves to Phi Mu. I know that our chapter will become something great because of all the leaders we have (whether they hold a official chair position or not). Because of the supportive foundation from the alumnae, Phi Mu Headquarters, and our National Council, we are set up to thrive.