Bid Day Fall 2014

It was Sunday morning when the Bids came out. My roommate, Samantha, and I along with our new friend, Giorgina, decided to go pick them up together. We were all nervous and unsure of the outcome, but we were also extremely excited to find out! Sam went into the room first to pick up her envelope from the Phi Mu Extension Team. Then, Giorgina and I went one by one. Afterwards, all three of us held onto our envelopes tightly and rushed outdoors. We sat down on a bench and opened the envelopes at the same time on the count of three. The silence was broken as all three of us screamed and hugged each other in excitement. People walking by gave us side glances and were wondering what happened, but we were in our own little bubble of happiness. The invitation informed us that the Bid Day celebration would be later in the afternoon so we reconvened at the event. As we were waiting outside of the venue, we could still barely contain our enthusiasm. We entered the large room and were so eager to see other fellow Cornellians who would soon be our sisters for a lifetime! Bid Day We were first greeted and welcomed home by the friendly Chapter Consultants who recruited us. Then, we were given Phi Mu apparel and an information packet on being a new member of a colony chapter. After learning more about the process and the upcoming calendar full of sisterhood events, Sam, Giorgina and I stayed to take pictures and to mingle. As I walked around, I saw some familiar faces from the recruitment events. We exchanged congratulations and shared our eagerness to be a part of Phi Mu. I also met new girls who I have not seen before on campus or at recruitment. Bid Day was so much fun and I can still vividly recall the whirlwind of emotions I felt throughout the day. It was surely unforgettable and marked the very first time we were all gathered together as a chapter!