Putting Our Best Foot Forward.

Because we are re-chartering the Eta Beta chapter after all these years, we have a lot of decisions to make towards what we want to represent. Phi Mu has a lot of great qualities that inspire us all, but I think one of the most important quality is the willingness “to lend to those less fortunate a helping hand”.  It is with this ideal that we have decided to hit the ground running.

The women of the Eta Beta chapter have put together a Relay for Life team. We have one team with a goal of $8,000. So far, these 11 women have raised over $2,860 and are currently ranked the number one team for the UW.  I think it is important to note that it is also finals week for us, and these women have managed to not only commit to their education but raise money for such a good cause. We hope that once finals are over we can put together another team and obtain the honor of having at least one of our Phi Mu teams be a 5 star team.

I think this is a wonderful first impression for Phi Mu to make at UW. Now, when people hear about Phi Mu, they can relate it to the team that donated the most towards helping fight cancer. Although this is just one event, I hope that this competitive generosity will carry on. This is just the first step.  If anyone is interested in fighting cancer and supporting the Phi Mu Eta Beta team I posted the link to our team page.