Jennifer (Hobaugh) Johnson – National Director of New Chapters, Phi Xi New Chapter Coordinator, etc.

Name: Jennifer Hobaugh Johnson
Chapter of Initiation: Gamma Alpha, College of William and Mary
Current Location: New Orleans, LA
Profession: President of LJR Custom Strategies, Inc.

Volunteer Positions: Current – National Director of New Chapters, Phi Xi New Chapter Coordinator, Nominating Committee Chairman 2016. Past – Nominating Committee Chairman 2014, National Enrichment Team Chair, National Enrichment Team Member, Collegiate Membership Director, Area II Collegiate Membership Coordinator, Area II Collegiate Membership Director and Gamma Delta Member Adviser.

Jennifer says, “Volunteering for Phi Mu has enriched my life in ways I could have never imagined. Some of my closest friends are fellow alumnae I met through volunteering. I enjoy the opportunity to work with them to ensure our collegiate members have a safe, fun and memorable undergraduate experience. I am hopeful the work we do shows them that Phi Mu is for a lifetime!”

Mignon Richard, former Alpha Alpha Chapter President, shares, “Jen visited Alpha Alpha with the National Enrichment team shortly after I was elected President and she met with many chapter members during her visit. Jen’s key findings and action plans inspired not only me, but my entire Executive Committee. She worked closely with us long after her visit, making sure we would succeed. Jen initiated positive changes in our chapter that are still in place today. Her passion for Phi Mu is contagious.”