The Academic Profiler serves as a resource to our members to help you identify areas of improvement and help you get your grades on track. To target your areas for improvement, go to http://bit.ly/1EJFkn7.


You might see the following characteristics in members struggling in this improvement area:

  • Is often late or misses deadlines or appointments
  • Does things last minute
  • Has trouble sticking to a plan
  • Does not keep an agenda, calendar, or To -Do list
  • Is easily distracted and/or thrives on being busy
  • Takes on too many responsibilities
  • Schedules tasks ineffectively
  • Often attempts to multitask and /pr rushes through tasks

Action Steps

Below are action items that can benefit members struggling in this improvement area:

  • Use a daily time log
  • Keep a planner, calendar or agenda. to-do lists
  • Analyze, prioritize, and edit tasks
  • Work on taking on an appropriate amount of tasks
  • Assign/find an accountability buddy
  • Identify and eliminate “time wasters” and interruptions
  • Schedule specific times for social interactions, social media, electronics, and entertainment

Mobile App Resources

  • Rescue Time
  • Promo door Timer
  • Toggl
  • Focus at Will
  • Self Control
  • My Homework
  • Any Calendar App
  • Remind
  • Nozbe