Tears, Giggles and Sorority Sisters

ashford1As the semester comes to a close, I would like to take this time to reflect on my first semester as a Phi Mu. Never, would I have imagined that I would be a member of a sorority. But oh, I’m so glad that I am! I am so incredibly blessed to have met  some of the most amazing women through this process.

From the beginning, our chapter consultant, Gabby, taught us that this a sisterhood. That the bond we form, should be a bond that is forever.  As someone who has  biological sisters, I thought I knew just what was meant by the term “sisterhood,” but I was so incredibly wrong. You see, the Phi Mu Phi Omicron chapter sisters gave sisterhood a whole new meaning. They taught me that sisterhood is spending  hours listening to your presentation because you’re nervous about public speaking. They taught me that sisterhood is about being a shoulder to cry on when you’re upset and giving you the most genuine advice. But most importantly, they taught me that sisterhood is about being there for one another no matter what the circumstance.

When I explain to others just how deep my love for my sisters runs, they think I’m nuts! They say, ” Elizabeth you can’t possibly love more than 70 girls you’ve just met,” and I just smile and laugh because boy, are they wrong. I love every single one of my sisters. We have laughed together, cried together and shared more memories than I can count already! We might not always agree with one another, but in the end we’re always there for each other. I hope everyone sees the incredible bond that I have with my sisters. I’m so incredibly proud to have such brave, amazing women as my sisters. Phi Mu gave that to me, and I’m forever grateful.