DAY ONE – Let the memories begin!

phimuleads3By: Zoe Boomgarden, Chi Chapter, University of Missouri

Our first day was a long one. For a lot of us, we had very early flights and then we jumped into hearing a lot of information about what to expect for the weekend. I think it’s safe to say that most of us experienced waves of being really excited and wondering when our first nap would take place. Nonetheless, we powered through and in the end we had an overarching idea of what #PhiMuLeads really means to our organization.

In my opinion, the hardest part of the day was trying to open up to our small groups at first because, even though we knew there wasn’t any judgment amongst sisters, some topics were still tough to talk about so early into the camp. Yet, I was pleasantly surprised to hear all of the wonderful and inspiring stories that some of my sisters had shared with the group at the end of our day.

The easiest part of the day was spending money at the always-wonderful Carnation Collection (sorry, Mom). But it was comforting to see how much we all loved to represent our Phi Mu pride in so many ways.

I didn’t know what to expect when meeting so many sisters from other chapters. From what I saw in movies, I thought there would be a lot of screaming, jumping and chanting. When this didn’t happen, I wasn’t disappointed.

Instead, what I found was a friendly, enjoyable environment. Because we all acknowledged the fact that we were bonded by the same set of values there wasn’t much uneasiness. It was easy to just jump into being yourself and to laugh about your travels. We all very quickly became comfortable around each other and I am curious to see what kind of memories we make by the end of the weekend.