Zenobia Wooten Keller & the Cabinet that Traveled with Her

Zenobia’s Cabinet:Zenobia's Cabinet located in the Phi Mu Museum at the National Headquarters in Peachtree City, Ga.

Dating back from the early 1920’s, Phi Mu sisters can find “Zenobia’s Cabinet” on display in the Phi Mu Museum at the National Headquarters. Starting during her term as National President, Zenobia Wooten Keller, one of Phi Mu’s most treasured volunteers and staff members, was known to cherish her cabinet and all the Phi Mu’s belongings that were kept inside.

This cabinet has been in every office of hers since the 1920’s. The cabinet first started out in New Orleans, La., the location of Phi Mu’s first Executive Office. The cabinet later moved to Chicago, IL., Evanston, IL, and Memphis, Tn. When Zenobia passed away in 1956 Phi Mu made sure that her legacy continued. Her sacred cabinet later made the move to Tucker, Ga., and now Peachtree City, Ga. where it is on display in the museum.

Upon your visit to the National Headquarters, you will notice the cabinet is full of historical photos of Zenobia and her time in office. You will also find Zenobia’s antique journal and writing pen that she continuously used throughout her Phi Mu career.

About Zenobia:

No other Phi Mu has served her Fraternity at the highest national level for a longer period of time than Zenobia Wooten Keller, Theta. In five widely varying positions, Zenobia served on National Council for 38 years. She served in positions of national scope for 45 years, including two terms as National President.  For 33 years she managed Phi Mu’s Executive Office as Executive Director (the title was Executive Office Manger when she was hired) and was perhaps the most knowledgeable person about Phi Mu business and history, a knowledge gained from long personal experience.

Zenobia’s Phi Mu Leadership Roles:

  • 1888:  Born and raised in New Orleans, La.
  • 1907:  Became a charter member of the Theta Chapter at Belmont University
  • 1907:  Became Theta’s first Chapter President
  • 1908 – 1911:  Elected to National Council as First Vice President
  • 1911 – 1913:  Appointed to the position of Phi Mu Fraternity Secretary
  • 1916 – 1919:  Served on National Council as Second Vice President
  • 1919 – 1923:  Elected National President
  • 1923 – 1956: Executive Secretary and Business Manager of The Aglaia.
  • 1956:  She passed away peacefully in late September.

Zenobia Wooten Keller: Throughout the Years A.  1907 – A charter member and first president of the Theta Chapter, Belmont College, Zenobia was initiated in 1907 and became National President in 1913.

B.  1909 – Zenobia was a young career woman and ardent Phi Mu volunteer. In 1909, she organized Phi Mu’s first alumnae association in Chicago and was its first president.

C.  1919 – The year Zenobia was elected as National President. Her head shot remains hanging on a wall in the National Headquarters.

D.  1938 – This picture was taken of Zenobia during her 33 years in office as Executive Officer Manager.

E.  1956 – Zenobia was named “Woman of the Years” and honored at the 1956 National Convention.

F.  In Loving Memory – This beautiful portrait was painted of Zenobia after her passing in September, 1956.

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Source: Lamb, Annadell. C. The History of Phi Mu: The First 150 Years. The Grace Group, 2002. Print.