What’s Behind the Museum Door?

The Phi Mu museum is full of all sorts of treasures that educate our members about Phi Mu’s history and enforce our passion for the Fraternity. In the museum, you will find ball gown dresses worn by Past National Presidents at Conventions, artifacts that teach the history of the absorption of Alpha Delta Theta, and Ritual song books and pledge essentials. On display is an array of Phi Mu badges, journals that date back to 1852, and the Alpha Chapter Bible. These items along with hundreds of other Phi Mu artifacts help enhance what we already know, Phi Mu is for a lifetime.

What members don’t see is what lies behind the museum doors. Located on the museum back wall, passed the grand piano that once lived inside the Zeta Alpha Chapter house at Baker University, is a door that leads to a small room. A room that holds memories from Phi Mu’s past. Here, filing cabinets from floor to ceiling are filled with photographs that were once submitted by Phi Mu members.

Photos include all sorts of events: National Conventions, weddings, Headquarters staff, National Council, alumnae engagement events, Bid Days, recruitment, family portraits, recognition ceremonies and more.

Recently, a photograph that has been in this room for over a decade was recognized thanks to Phi Mu Foundations, #MysteryMus campaign, an effort to help identify submitted photographs in the Phi Mu museum that lack specific documentation.

The women in the photo were identified as members of the Alpha Iota Chapter from Mercer University. Although it looks like Bid Day, these members are in fact in Atlanta, Ga. celebrating the colonization of the Theta Zeta Chapter at Georgia Tech on January 29, 1989. The chapter was installed 9 months later on September 12, 1989 by former National President Pamela Wadsworth.

Identifying the #MysteryMus

Do you see someone you know in the photos below? Identify the “mystery” photos so we can add these photographs to the museum. Use the comment section below to report any information you may have.