Phi Mu is for a Lifetime

Phi Mu is for a Lifetime

In the Phi Mu museum, we make it a point to recognize closed chapters. While the loss is felt across the Fraternity whenever a collegiate chapter is closed, memorabilia from many chapters are on display in prominent locations for museum visitors to see, thus making it a reminder to all of Phi Mu’s history. No matter the length of time on a campus, the relationships formed through Phi Mu and the connections made between sisters continue between chapters and through all alumnae – Phi Mu is for a lifetime.

Many items from closed chapters are on display in the boardroom, a room held in high prestige because National Council holds their meetings there. The awards, china, gavels and silver are kept safe at the Headquarters in hopes of returning to their respective homes on a campus should Phi Mu again have the opportunity to again establish a collegiate chapter.