Flag Flown in Honor of Phi Mu

The Phi Mu National Convention is an event that collegians, alumnae, volunteers and staff look forward to every two years. North, South, East or West, each convention location encourages hundreds of sisters to join together as one; learning, remembering and celebrating our Phi Mu sisterhood. 
In 2004, Phi Mu held its 48th National Convention in Washington, D.C., home of the United States Capitol and of course, The White House. On July 8 that year, at the request of the Honorable Porter J. Goss, then a Member of Congress, a United States flag was flown over the United States Capitol in honor of the Phi Mu Convention.  The flag was then presented to the convention body during a formal business meeting. 
The actual flag flown now resides in the Phi Mu National Headquarters along with an official certificate signed by Architect of the Capitol, Alan M. Hantman. 
Each convention, Fraternity officers, volunteers and staff members look for special ways to commemorate our time in Phi Mu. In  2004, it was the American Flag that helped celebrate 152 years of sisterhood.
Soon, Phi Mus will join together in Chicago, Ill. for the 54th National Convention. Just as the flag was flown over the Nation’s Capital, Phi Mu will be sure to celebrate our sisterhood in other special ways in 2016!