Phi Mu Fashionistas

It’s the event of the biennium, a night that all National Convention attendees look forward to, full of glamour and glitz as Phi Mu’s most elite are recognized for their continued dedication to the Fraternity – the Carnation Banquet. At this always lovely sit-down dinner, guests and Phi Mu members of all ages continue to be wowed by the success of their sisters and our chapters.

The evening is designed to be a night to remember, not just for the accomplishments of our peers, but to also celebrate the everlasting relationships we create thanks to Phi Mu. As we all know, it wouldn’t be the event of the biennium without the stylish outfits and Phi Mu glamour that our members bring to the night. Each year at the start of the banquet, a procession is held that includes incoming and outgoing National Council members, Past National Presidents, Foundation Trustees and the Executive Director.  It is a high honor to enter the Carnation Banquet in this way.

Thanks to the generosity of women who have served Phi Mu as a National Presidents, we are able to share special moments like these with all of our members, not just the members present that night. Located in the Museum, in secured glass casings, eight beautiful ball gowns remain in perfect condition and are on display for sisters and guests that visit the Headquarters.  These dresses were worn by these National Presidents at a Carnation Banquet or at some point during their term of office.  The dresses rotate each year to allow visitors to see a piece of Phi Mu’s history through the years, an example of the fashions of the time and a tribute to the important Fraternity leaders who wore them.