Who doesn’t love party favors?

In 1907, Phi Mu held its first National Convention in Norfolk, Virginia. Although no roll call was included in the minutes, it appears from records that 14 Phi Mus were in attendance. In 2014, Phi Mu held its 162nd National Convention in Boca Raton, Florida. At this convention, there were over 650 members in attendance. It is incredible to see the growth not only in overall membership as well as convention attendance over the last century.

Similar to the days when you received party favors, Phi Mu also always wants you to leave national convention with a token. Yes – we will always have our memories – but to have something tangible, and showcase in our homes as a constant reminder of this very special Phi Mu event. In Norfolk, upon the final banquet, each attendee received a silver bracelet as a convention favor. This idea continued two years later in 1908 at the National Convention in Macon, Georgia. At the closing banquet, each Phi Mu received a white leather calling card case lined with rose taffeta. Another favor was a scalloped gold pin bearing the coat of arms. In 1910, convention favors were coast of arms hatpins and brooches, and rose colored leather card case and in 1911, bronze coat of arms belt pins were the convention souvenirs.

Throughout the years, the tradition stuck and at each national convention members looked forward to what they would be taking back with them at the end of the week. In 1986, charms became Phi Mus go to favor. Convention attendees love sporting a bracelet or necklace filled with reminders of attending many conventions.

Convention is always an exciting time to catch up with sisters, gain knowledge and make friendships you will keep for a lifetime. If you have the opportunity to attend a national convention at any point – say yes – and when you’re there, take a look around and you will see sisters from all over the country wearing convention favors and charms from years past.

Below you will find pictures of the last ten national convention charms, pictures of unique convention favors and a list of past National Conventions and favors received at each location.

National Convention CharmsPast Convention Locations and Favors:

1907 – Norfolk, Virginia – Bangle bracelet
1908 – Macon, Georgia – Leather calling card case & a scalloped gold pin
1910 – Memphis, Tennessee – Coast of Arms hatpin & brooch, & leather card case
1911 – Atlanta, Georgia – Bronze Coat of Arms belt pin
1913 – Niagara Falls – New York – Sterling silver bar pin bearing embossed Greek letters & leather card case
1916 – Waupaca, Wisconsin – Crest pin
1919 – Cleveland, Ohio – N/A
1921 – Asheville, North Carolina – N/A
1923 – Beverly Hills, California – N/A
1925 – Charlevoix, Michigan – Bar pins Coat of Arms & cuff pins
1927 – Macon, Georgia – N/A
1929 – Chatham, Massachusetts – Bronze ship paperweight
1931 – Colorado Springs, Colorado –  Van Briggle pottery title with the Coat of Arms
1934 – Chicago, Illinois – Credential card case with the Coat of Arms
1936 – Spring Lake, New Jersey – Leather purse stamped with the Coat of Arms
1938 – Asheville, North Carolina – Silver web bracelet with the Coat of Arms
1940 – Glacier National Park, Montana – Carved totem pole
1943 – Chicago, Illinois – Miniature old-fashioned bric-a-brac lamp, vase or slipper
1946 – Mackinac Island, Michigan – Leather address book
1948 – Old Point Comfort, Virgina – N/A
1950 – Spring Lake, New Jersey – Wooden plaques with the Phi Mu Creed
1952 – Macon, Georgia – Centennial plate and playing cards
1954 – Pasadena, California – Mirror with gold handle and a back of black satin
1956 – Edgewater Park, Mississippi – Leather picture frames marked with the Coat of Arms
1958 – Lake Placid, New York – Letter book with the Coat of Arms
1960 – St. Louis, Missouri – Gold circle pin with Greek Letters
1962 – Miami Beach, Florida – Greek letter recognition pin
1964 – Mackinac Island, Michigan – N/A
1966 – White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia – Silver letter opener
1968 – Denver, Colorado – Miniature Paul Revere silver bowl
1970 – French Lick, Indiana – Engraved letter opener
1972 – New Orleans, Louisiana – Key ring
1974 – Mackinac Island, Michigan – Ivory china demitasse cup and saucer
1976 – Charleston, South Carolina – Bronze medallion to commemorate Phi Mu’s 125th Anniversary
1978 – Macon, Georgia – Silver stickpins with interwoven letters WFC (Wesleyan Female College)
1980 – Indianapolis, Indiana – Rectangular gold pins engraved with Phi Mu Greek letters
1982 – Savannah, Georgia – Gold quatrefoil charm engraved with entwined Greek letters
1984 – Columbus, Ohio – Small gold charm in the shape of a carnation
1986 – Fort Worth, Texas – Silver heart -shaped pin box
1988 – Atlanta, Georgia – Charm made of intertwined Wesleyan Female College monogram
1990 – Scottsdale, Arizona – Gold cactus charm
1992 – Naples, Florida –  Gold palm tree charm
1994 – Atlanta, Georgia – Charm in the shape of the state of Georgia
1996 – Baltimore, Maryland – Gold quatrefoil charm
1998 – Palm Desert, California – Gold sun charm
2000 – Fort Lauderdale, Florida – Gold starfish charm
2002 – Atlanta, Georgia – Sesquicentennial charm
2004 – Arlington, Virginia – Gold star charm
2006 – Nashville, Tennessee – Gold boot charm
2008 – Orlando, Florida – Gold flip flops charm
2010 – Phoenix, Arizona –  Gold architectural charm
2012 – San Antonio, Texas – Delta Zeta and Phi Mu boot charm
2014 – Boca Raton, Florida – Gold yacht charm
2016 – Chicago, Illinois  – COMING SOON: July 2016