R.E. Parrish- A Phi Mu Comic Artist

Name: Robin Elizabeth Parrish (pen name: R.E. Parrish)

Education & Phi Mu Chapter: B.A. in Linguistics from the College of William and Mary (Gamma Alpha Chapter, initiated 2010) Currently working on an M.A. in Second Language Studies at the University of Hawai’i at Manoa.

City, State of Residence: Honolulu, HI.

“Paralyzing yourself with the thought that everything you create must be a work of genius is an easy way to ensure that you never create anything again.”

Robin was born and raised in Virginia, and has loved studying languages and reading fiction for as long as she can remember. As for comics, she really only just started writing them in 2014, after many years of reading and admiring the work of artists like Will Laren, KC Green, Brad Neely, and Chris Onstad. Currently, she creates comics recreationally and feels hugely honored that her online work has taken off in the way that it has. Robin’s work has been featured on Buzzfeed, and has been reposted by readers to websites such as Reddit, Imgur, Pinterest, Instagram, IWasteSoMuchTime etc.

I am most proud of balancing working as an ESL instructor for UH, taking graduate classes and making comics. I am also proud of @Seinfeld2000 liking one of my cartoons on Twitter.
REThe best advice I ever received: Regarding writing comics, the best advice I ever received was from my friend Alex, who told me that I need to keep producing, every day, no matter what. Paralyzing yourself with the thought that everything you create must be a work of genius is an easy way to ensure that you never create anything again. It is an unavoidable fact that there will be times when you make things that aren’t great (or are even outright bad) and you have to come to terms with that and keep moving.

Phi Mu taught me how to better listen to and care for my peers. Before I went to college, I had never been surrounded by such a wonderful support system as I was during my years in Phi Mu.

My fondest Phi Mu memory is my first revelation, when I found out that my big was exactly who I hoped she would be.

Even my best friends don’t know that some nights I have to practice rapping famous Lil Wayne guest verses before I go to bed. My secret fear is that one day I will be challenged to an impromptu rap battle and will be caught completely unprepared and consequently made the object of long-lasting public ridicule.

Three light-hearted things I can’t live without…. (excluding family & friends):
1.) Taco Bell
2.) Dostoevsky
3.) This one type of instant curry that I buy at Safeway which tastes like the sickly sweet embrace of death itself.

I wish I had more time to: Honestly? Since I am working as a full time Graduate Assistant starting this fall, I wish I had more time to draw comics!

Future aspirations/goals:  I am applying for to be a Fulbright ETA for the 2016-2017 term, and I hope that ends up working out! Other than that, I just want to finish writing my graduate thesis and keep up with drawing comics.

Source: B. Ward, August 27,2015