Eva Walton Kendrick – A Phi Mu Activist

Eva Walton Kendrick, Mercer University (Alpha Iota Chapter), has dedicated her academic and professional life to advocacy for marginalized members of our society.  As a graduate student at the University of Mississippi, her graduate thesis, Nothing Less Than An Activist: Marge Baroni, Catholicism, and the Natchez, Mississippi Civil Rights Movement, earned the 2012 Lucille and Motee Daniels Award.  Following her graduate studies, Eva served as a Program Manager with Alabama Possible – a nonprofit organization that disrupts misperceptions, raises public awareness and engages residents to reduce poverty and its negative impacts on Alabama’s families.

In December 2014, Kendrick joined the staff of the Human Rights Campaign as their Alabama Faith Organizer. The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) is the largest civil rights organization working to achieve equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Americans. In her role with HRC Alabama, Kendrick connects with faith and thought leaders and communities throughout the state of Alabama to discuss the role of the church and faith communities in building safe and inclusive spaces of worship and fellowship for LGBTQ Alabamians.

Family“I have the great hope that as this work moves forward in Alabama, the state’s churches – as they have been in movements past – can and will be places of reconciliation, renewed perspectives, and ground zero for the change needed in our state, nation, and world as we all seek to walk in love, as God has loved us,” she says.

I am most proud of:
The authentic spirit of love and openness shared in my immediate families.
Everyone always has a seat at our table. My family is my world.

The best advice I ever received was:
”Kindness matters. Be as respectful to the janitor as you are to the chairperson of the Board.”

Phi Mu taught me:
Phi Mu taught me to be vulnerable with my sisters, that they loved me for me, and vice versa. My Phi Mu sisters are my closest friends today, especially my best friend Mary Brooke.

My fondest Phi Mu memory:IMs
Our chapter was fairly obsessed with Mary, Mary, and Martha, so many of my fondest memories revolved around that theme. One time my Phi Mu family dressed as Mary, Mary, Martha, and Sir Fidel for a Halloween Party. We also incorporated the founders into our intramural seasons. Nothing was sweeter than when our “Mary, Mary, and Martha” long-play pass won us the game in intramural football.

Even my best friends don’t know that I:
Re-watch footage of the wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William on the regular. It just makes me happy.Phi Mu Family

Three light-hearted things I can’t live without… (excluding family & friends):
1) LaCroix
2) Hanson albums
3) My running shoes

I wish I had more time to:
Completely unplug from all technology and be more present with my family and friends.Eva and Kathryn

Future aspirations/goals:

My future plan is to be the Leslie Knope of whatever I do. If that includes becoming an Episcopal priest or running for public office,then that’d be great. But my number one aspiration is to raise a family with my wife, Kathryn. I can’t think of any greater legacy than having raised children to be compassionate and extraordinary adults.

Source: B. Ward, August 27,2015