Angelica Holmes – Huffington Post Guest Blogger

Name: Angelica Holmes
Education & Phi Mu Chapter: Lyon College (Epsilon Rho Chapter)
Initiation Year: 2012
City, State of Residence: Little Rock, Arkansas

I graduated with an English degree from Lyon College, a small school in Batesville, Arkansas. In my last semester, I got an email inviting me (and several other senior English majors) to enter a writing competition. We were told to write a short blog post for Giving Tuesday about the importance of service, and they said that the winner might be published on the Huffington Post’s website. I found out I had won the school’s competition, and a few days later I got word that they would be publishing my piece on their website. It was a very exciting day!

In the blog post that was chosen, “Lost Generation,” I wrote about the reputation that our generation gets for being lazy and self-absorbed. I said that we just get preoccupied with all of the distractions around us, but we are still very passionate, and we are more than able to serve our communities. Writing about the importance of service for this blog might have been the push that I needed to commit to a year of service before I go back to school. I come from what I call a “service family”—my mom is a full-time pastor and my sister works at a local homeless shelter. I have grown up seeing the importance of service. Read Lost Generation, HERE.

I am most proud of…
Graduating from college. Though it was a lot of fun, college was really tough for me at several points. I had setbacks, but I managed to keep it together, graduate on time and get accepted into law school. For that, I am very grateful.

The best advice I ever received was…
It sounds cheesy, but the best advice I’ve ever gotten is to “let go and let God”. I try not to worry about things and to put all of my concerns in God’s hands.

Phi Mu taught me…
That nothing is impossible with a great support system behind you. My sisters and I have attended weddings, showers, and even funerals together, and they have supported me through my best moments and my toughest times.

My fondest Phi Mu memory…
My sophomore year, I was forced to lead a recruitment skit – song, dance, the whole nine yards. And, yes, I say, “forced” because I was really anything but excited about putting myself out there. Stepping onto that stage was definitely one of my top three most nerve-racking moments of my life, but it also proved to be one of the most rewarding. I really broke out of my shell that night; it was really a defining moment for me.

Even my best friends don’t know that I…
Cry at proposal videos—all of them. It’s sort of ridiculous.

Three light-hearted things I can’t live without…. (excluding family & friends)
1.) Chapstick
2.) Netflix
3.) Tropical Smoothie Café

I wish I had more time to…
Read for fun! I always have these big plans of spending full days relaxing and reading, but I seem to always get busy.

Future aspirations/goals…
During the upcoming year, I’ll be doing a year of service with City Year in Little Rock. I have deferred admission to the UALR Bowen School of Law, so I will begin in the fall of 2016.  I just want to serve my community and give a voice to those who feel like they don’t have one.

Source: B. Ward, August 2015