6 November No-Brainers to Add to Your To-Do List

November is known as the month of giving! Today specifically (November 13, 2015), people all over the world will perform random acts of kindness for #worldkindnessday.

Celebrate today, tomorrow and all throughout November by giving back to the people you care about around you. We have a lot to be thankful for – our never ending sisterhood, the friendships we’ve gained, and the lives we’ve touched. Do more than eat turkey and stuffing this holiday season, give back and SHOW thanks to the people in your life.

6 November No-Brainers to Add to Your To-Do List:

  1. Jar of Thanks – Whether it’s an old or new find a jar and turn this ordinary household item into something special. Decorate to your liking then make sure to place the jar in a place that has a high volume of foot traffic. [ i.e. front foyer, a chapter room, kitchen, etc. ] Provide  pieces of paper and pens for others to write down what they happen to be thankful for that day. Pick a time to sit down and read through the notes. This is an opportunity to remember what’s important in your life – and that is that we give thanks to others.
  2. Pay It Forward – We’ve all been (if we’re lucky) a recipient of a “Pay it Forward” movement. Pay for the person behind you’s coffee, purchase a gift card and give it to a stranger, or leave money on the gas pump for the person who comes in after you. It’s little reminders like these that can make a person’s day, or even week! 

  3. The One Year Rule: If you havent worn it within a year, donate it. Most of us are currently experiencing that awkward change in temperature between seasons which can only mean one thing – time to change out our summer wardrobe to prepare for fall/winter. Try to remember the The One Year Rule when switching out your clothes. Something you don’t find yourself wearing might end up being a hidden treasure for someone else.  

  4. Feed the Hungry – November, especially, is a time to help others in needs. Donated canned goods and non perishable items to your local homeless shelter or grocery store. Your donations will go to helping feed families giving them a Thanksgiving meal worth remembering.  To find your local food bank, click HERE.

  5. Random Act of Kindness – Kindness is contagious! Give others a reason to be thankful by performing a random act of kindness. Help an elderly person cross the street, hold the door open for a complete stranger or complimenting someone just because. No matter what it is, it’s guaranteed to bring a smile to their face.
  6. Be #insPHIred to Share: We support Phi Mu Foundation’s month long campaign, #insPHIred, which asks members to share stories, photos or videos about a Phi Mu sister who has inspired you. Maybe it’s a sister who has helped you through a difficult time, has impacted your life in some way, or maybe you’re inspired by a chapter you’re working with and how far they’ve come. What’s important is that you reach out to them and show thanks for the time you’ve been given together.