Sharing the Love for Installed Chapters

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Join Phi Mu in sharing the love to all Phi Mu chapters that were installed during the month of February! We appreciate alumnae from ALL chapters and continue to hope that one day Phi Mu will be able to return to campuses where we previously had a collegiate chapter! Below you will find a list of the collegiate chapters in order of Installations. (All chapters that are currently active are represented with the school/university logo.)

Hardin College, Mexico, Missouri
Installation: February 4, 1907, nine charter members installed by Alpha member Nell Pipkin (Collins).
History: Nell Pipkin formed the group that became Eta Chapter. Chapter closed when 1910 convention ruled against chapters in lower-ranked institutions in order to enter NPC; however, chapter continued in operation through spring 1911.
Housing: Houses or fraternity rooms strictly against college rules. Members met Mondays in members’ rooms; later a room was assigned for chapter meetings.

University of New Hampshire, Durham, New Hampshire
Installation: February 15, 1919, by Zenobia Wooten Keller, Second Vice President, in Faculty Club; 14 charter members.
History: Pi Delta fraternity organized November 26, 1916, with seven charter members. Fourteen members petitioned Phi Mu 1918. Chapter closed at its request January 1996 because of low membership.
Housing: Lived in university housing, with suite in Congreve Hall until 1929 when house for 18 was bought at 35 Madbury Road. Addition constructed in 1951 and remodeled again in the 1970s.

Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana
Installation: February 7, 1920, by Zenobia Wooten Keller, National President, with 19 charter members.
IUHistory: Group of women students organized January 1918, adopting name Alpha Epsilon in April 1919. Announced their organization to campus that fall when they moved into house at 312 N. Washington Street. Twenty-nine members petitioned Phi Mu. Chapter operations ceased September 1964 after persistent low membership; house equity exchanged for lot on North Jordan extension. Chapter rechartered with 76 initiated October 3, 1980, by Annadell Craig Lamb, National Historian.
Housing: In fall of 1922, chapter bought brick house five blocks from campus. In 1926 built house for 40 at 109 North Jordan Avenue. Addition built in 1956. After rechartering, housed on seventh floor of The Poplars complex 400 East 7th Street until brick Georgian house for 94 built on the North Jordan lot in 1988.

Davis and Elkins College, Elkins, West Virginia
Installation: February 26, 1949, by Zenobia Wooten Keller, Executive Secretary. Fifteen charter members, 11 alumnae and patronesses initiated at Tygarts Valley Country Club.
History: Founded as Iota Delta Chi local sorority.
Housing: Various rooms in college dormitories assigned as chapter rooms, with members living in adjacent rooms.

Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan
Installation: February 26, 1955, by Hazel Falconer Benninghoven, National President; 16 collegiate and seven alumnae members initiated.
History: Formed by colonization at invitation of administration in fall of 1954; 16 pledged December 5. First Michigan chapter for Phi Mu. Recolonized without removal of charter May 1975, with initiation in June.
Housing: Brick chapter house at 301 Charles Street. Addition and extensive remodeling 1966; remodeled again 1993. Houses 39.

University of Houston, Houston, Texas
Installation: February 4, 1956, by Hazel Falconer Benninghoven, National President, with 13 collegians, 16 alumnae of local and nine other alumnae initiated.
uhHistory: Phi Mu was one of eight national sororities invited by university in 1955. Group that became Phi Mu was Sigma Phi Mu, organized December 1950, with Dean Bessie Monroe Ebaugh, Delta, as sponsor, and several Phi Mu advisers. Recolonized without removal of charter March 1974 and again in 1991.
Housing: Rented lodge for meetings, then contemporary two-story house in 1985. In 1988 sorority duplexes built to provide housing for eight and meeting space.

Northwest Missouri State University, Maryville, Missouri
NInstallation: February 25, 1961, by Louise Lane Moore. Thirty-one charter members.

Zeta Lambda local sorority organized September 1959, by transfer Mary Adams, Zeta Kappa, under sponsorship of Phi Mu. Became Phi Mu colony October 16, 1960.
Housing: First met in Upper Lakeview Room of Student Union, then acquired chapter room in Richardson Hall where members reside.

Barton College, Wilson, North Carolina
Installation: February 4, 1967, by Rebecca Watson Peterson, National President, in First Christian Church. Sixteen charter members.
History: Sigma Tau Chi founded 1925 by Rev. John A. Barclay at former Atlantic Christian College. Petition to Phi Mu accepted June 1966, pledging September 14.
Housing: Members live in designated hall in dormitory with chapter lounge; chapter meetings in classrooms.

Nicholls State University, Thibodaux, Louisiana
Installation: February 25, 1967, by Adele Redditt Williamson, Member-at-Large and Past National President; 32 charter Nicholls-logomembers. Phi Mu first NPC group.
History: Colonization tea November 13, 1966, pledging for 10 next afternoon,
another pledging November 29, in charge of Adele Williamson.
Housing: Meets in meeting room on campus.

Northwestern State University, Natchitoches, Louisiana
northwesternstate-logo-rgbInstallation: February 17, 1968, by Wanda Tremaine Hinkle (Hamilton), Alumnae Vice President. Thirteen charter members initiated at parish house of Trinity Episcopal Church.
History: Formed by colonization, with pledging September 25, 1967.
Housing: Purchased lodge from Sigma Tau Gamma September 1970; remodeled it August 1974.

Tennessee Wesleyan College, Athens, Tennessee
Installation: February 17, 1968, by Louise Ryder Horn, Executive Secretary, with 24 charter members initiated at First Baptist Church.
History: Colonized spring 1967 by Martha Huggins Pugh, Extension Director, and members of Kappa chapter. First pledging in June. Campus not receptive to Greeks; chapter closed 1978.
Housing: Sorority room in Lucy Hornsby Fowler residence hall.

Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, Florida
Installation: February 14, 1970, by Loraine Bird Freear (Booth) (Cowherd), NPC Delegate. Thirty charter members installed at St. Gregory’s Episcopal Church.
FAUHistory: Colonized and pledged as Phi Mu colony spring 1969; nucleus formed by transfers. Chapter closed 1975. Thirty-eight years later, the chapter was re-established on campus on November 16, 2013.
Housing: No housing accommodations.

State University of West Georgia, Carrollton, Georgia
UWGInstallation: February 27, 1971, by Martha Huggins Pugh, National President. Thirty-nine charter members, 24 alumnae initiates.
History: Originated as Alpha Phi Rho sorority, pledged to Phi Mu November 1970. Phi Mu
first NPC group on campus.
Housing: Members live together in sorority hall of dormitory and meet there.

North Georgia College and State University, Dahlonega, Georgia
Installation: February 3, 1973, by Margaret Meares Nisbet, Finance Director, with 38 collegians and five alumnae initiated at First Methodist Church.
History: Sigma Lambda Phi began in 1970, pledged as Phi Mu
colony October 10, 1972, with 23 members. First NPC group UNG_Lettermark_Blueinstalled.
Housing: Chapter room maintained at top of Price Memorial administration building; members live in dormitories.

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg, Virginia
Installation: February 10, 1973, by Ann Burns Byrd, Member-at-Large. Thirty-two charter members initiated in War Memorial Chapel.
History: Colonized May 25, 1972, by Ann Byrd and Jane Shaw Brill. Phi Mu one of eight NPC groups to form charter membership of Panhellenic Council in fall 1972. Lack of chapter housing a continuing problem. Benefits of special membership campaign 1996 were temporary; chapter closed November 2000.
Housing: Meetings in Squires Student Center.

University of West Florida, Pensacola, Florida
Installation: February 24, 1973, by Adele Redditt Williamson, NPC Delegate. Seventeen collegians and 10 alumnae initiated at Parish House of St. Christopher’s Episcopal Church.
History: Phi Sigma Chi local founded October 1970, pledged as Phi Mu colony March 29, 1972, with 18 members. Chapter requested suspension of operations October 1987.
Housing: Met in meeting rooms and classrooms on campus.

University of California-Davis, Davis, California
Installation: February 23, 1974, by Claudia Mauzy Nemir, Alumnae Vice President. Twenty-five charter members.
History: Phi Mu, Delta Delta Delta and Alpha Phi colonized simultaneously in fall 1973. Pledging for Phi Mu colony November 6, 1973. Chapter closed November 1992 because of decreased interest in sororities and low membership.
Housing: First rented Theta Chi fraternity house; moved 1977 to 539 Russell Boulevard. Purchased larger house 235 Russell Boulevard September 1981.

Arkansas Tech University, Russellville, Arkansas
Installation: February 19, 1977, by Ada Martin Henry, National President, with 33 collegiate and three alumnae initiates. Ceremonies AT_Monogram_CLRat Central Presbyterian Church.
History: Phi Mu invited to campus by administration and former Marquise Social Service sorority. Pledging October 9, 1976. Elaine Miyamoto, Epsilon Gamma, colony trainer. Chapter closed August 2000 at chapter’s request.
Housing: No housing. Usually met in meeting room of dormitory in which most members resided.

University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia
Installation: February 14, 1981, by Tena Touchton Hall, Extension Director, with 62 charter members initiated.
History: Originated as Phi Sigma, founded by four women students. Became Phi Mu colony with 63 members October 1980. Pledging November 12.
Housing: Purchased three-story brick chapter house in 1981 at 632 Preston Place, accommodating 18.

Louisiana State University-Shreveport, Shreveport, Louisiana
Louisiana_State_University-Shreveport_1374082Installation: February 11, 1984, by Polly Berry Niel, Advisory CouncilDirector. Twenty-seven initiates. Reception followed ceremony.
History: Colonized after invitation from university, with nucleus of Phi Mu transfers from Alpha Lambda Chapter. Pledging of 45 November 10, 1983.
Housing: No housing. Meetings in University Center.

Kennesaw State University, Kennesaw, Georgia
1033_kennesaw_state_owls-secondary-0Installation: February 4, 1989, by Lynne Mohrmann King (Bernthal), Extension Director. Forty-one collegians and four alumnae initiated.
History: Delta Phi Gamma local sorority petitioned Phi Mu; 31 members pledged as colony August 19, 1988. First NPC group on campus.
Housing: None. Meetings held in classrooms.

University of Maryland-Baltimore County, Baltimore, Maryland
Installation: February 18, 1989, by Pamela Kropf Wadsworth, National President. Thirtyeight collegians, 12 alumnae initiated. logoBanquet and dance followed at historic Belvedere Hotel.
History: Local sorority Kappa Delta Alpha founded October 25, 1986, by 26 women who broke from another local. Pledged as Phi Mu colony April 23, 1988.
Housing: Two apartment buildings set aside by university as Greek housing.

Western Maryland College, Westminster, Maryland
Installation: February 25, 1989, at Shiloh United Methodist Church, Hamstead, with Ruth Carson Proctor, Member-at-Large, as installing officer. Twenty-eight collegians and 11 alumnae initiated.
McDaniel_logoHistory: Delta Sigma Kappa sorority founded February 14, 1924, as first local on campus. Twenty-three members pledged as Phi Mu colony March 27, 1987.
Housing: College provides dormitory floor and club room for meetings and activities.

University of South Carolina-Aiken, Aiken, South Carolina
Installation: February 17, 1990, at First Christian Church, with Pamela Kropf AikenWadsworth, National President, as installing officer. Banquet followed. Thirty charter members initiated.
History: First NPC sorority on campus. Colonized December 2, 1988, by Kristin Shetler (Bridges), Director of Membership. Twenty-one members in initial group. Chapter requested suspension of operations August 1994. Chapter returned to campus August 19,2001, when local sorority Delta Zeta Chi was pledged as a colony.
Housing: None. Meetings held in classrooms.

Fairleigh Dickinson University, Teaneck, New Jersey
Installation: February 3, 1991, at Alumni Hall Lounge, with Mary Jane Bennett Johnson, Extension Director, as installing officer. Reception followed.
History: University mandated that all local organizations affiliate with a national or disband. After presentation by Phi Mu, Phi Sigma Kappa little sister group petitioned. Pledged as Phi Mu colony February 10, 1990. Chapter closed April 15, 1994, because of rapid decline in Greek membership.
Housing: None.

Towson State University, Towson, Maryland
Installation: February 22, 1992, at Embassy Suites Hotel, Hunt Valley. Installed by Mary Jane Bennett Johnson, Extension Director, assisted by members of Phi Eta, Gamma Tau, Phi Gamma, Phi Delta chapters Towsonlogoand Baltimore alumnae. Seventy-eight members initiated.
History: Two local organizations, Alpha Beta Chi and Kappa Delta Chi, joined to form Phi Mu colony of 69 members. Pledged March 11, 1991, by Kristin Shetler Bridges, Colony Director.
Housing: None.

Loras College, Dubuque, Iowa
Installation: February 20, 1993, by Sherri Schmidt, Extension Director. Reception followed in Campus Center ballroom.
History: Phi Mu accepted petition of local group called H.E.A.R.T.S. interest Group, formed in 1991 to seek national affiliation. Pledged as colony April 12, 1992. First NPC group on campus.
Housing: None.

Columbus State University, Columbus, Georgia
Installation: February 24, 2001, with Susan Tannehill Kendricks, Vice President Collegiate Membership, as installing officer. Thirty-four collegians and 13 alumnae initiated at Elizabeth Bradley Turner Center. Banquet at Green Island Country Club for families and friends and the assisting CSU_Logo_Cougar_Head_2Fraternity and Foundation officers. Video produced by chapter was shown.
History: Phi Mu Kappa local sorority formed in November 1997 with 10 members and a desire to affiliate with Phi Mu. Pledging March 31, 2000, with members of Kappa Phi Chapter assisting Katie Starrett, Leadership/Extension Coordinator, and Betsy Fowler, Area II Collegiate Membership Director.
Housing: None.

Source: Lamb, Annadell. C. The History of Phi Mu: The First 150 Years. The Grace Group, 2002. Print