Are You Ready to Accept the Challenge?

In the last few years, ‘challenges’ have become quite popular, but dare we say (shhh!) that WE actually set the trend? It was 2011 (long before ice buckets and hot peppers) when Phi Mu Foundation launched the first-ever M3 Campaign and issued the challenge to our collegiate chapters for 100% of our members to each contribute $18.52 to the Foundation in honor of our Founders – Mary Myrick Daniel, Mary DuPont Lines and Martha Hardaway Redding. Since then, our collegiate and alumnae members and friends of Phi Mu have contributed more than $890,000 to Phi Mu Foundation, helping to support the lifetime development of Phi Mu women through educational and leadership programs. The M3 Campaign is the true definition of ‘Sisters Helping Sisters’ and much of its success is due in part to the love and commitment you have for our sisterhood.

This year, we’ve set a goal to raise $300,000 through the M3 Campaign, which would bring our total cumulative giving over the life of the campaign to more than $1 million. Reaching this goal in 2016 would be an incredible milestone not only for the Foundation, but for the thousands of women who have supported this campaign since it began nearly six years ago. We have quite a history of meeting and exceeding our goals for the M3 Campaign, and we feel confident that with your support, this year will be no different.

In preparation for the launch of M3 in just a few short weeks, Diane and I have decided to issue our own challenge today. We want to challenge ALL 127 of our collegiate chapters to reach the goal of 100% participation and help us achieve our goal of raising $300,000 in 2016. As Phi Mus, we pride ourselves on the long-standing tradition of philanthropy in all that we do…and I think you’ll agree it would be pretty remarkable to say that 100% of our chapters helped us reach more than $1 million of cumulative giving for the M3 Campaign.

Let’s make a splash this March with our 2016 M3 Campaign and honor our Founders by helping to advance the lifetime development of Phi Mu women everywhere.

Will you accept the challenge? Give $18.52 today!

Beth Monnin



Beth Monnin, P
National President