Coming Home to Atlanta: Cocktails & Conversation brings the tour to Georgia

Pat Mitchell Headshot
Portrait by Timonthy Greenfield-Sanders

When the Alumnae Engagement Team at Phi Mu National Headquarters set out to connect alumnae with unique experiences, we created a regional alumnae engagement tour to celebrate our vibrant member voices and their amazing accomplishments.

When we started planning, we had no idea how much success our members have achieved as post collegiate Phi Mu women. There were scientists, inventors, activists, philanthropists and pioneers.

We weren’t sure where to start, but we spent countless hours putting the pieces together for where we could host the events, which speakers stood out, and how to do their story justice.

We started with a tour of our National Headquarters, and we went through the museum which tells the story of where it all began, how it began and the many chapters installed over the past 164 years.

How amazing that our founders, three inspiring young women, have built such a lasting legacy through this sisterhood. They created such a powerful bond – a bond of women who refused to settle, a bond of women that pushed the boundaries, asked questions and created their own history.

As we rounded the corner past the many convention photos and the chapter map, we came to the wall decorated with pictures of noble women. But these pictures weren’t enough for us, how did we give them an opportunity to narrate their own story and how did we learn more about how Phi Mu guided them along the way?

Astronauts, actresses, directors, performers, challengers and trailblazers, but one stood among these pictures that made personally me wonder: media pioneer. What did that mean?

I immediately made the assumption that she was the closest thing to a real life Mackenzie McHale from the award-winning Newsroom. But what I began to unravel was much more than that. This vibrant alumna changed OUR lives. That’s right – she changed every single woman’s life. Some could say she made it possible for the Mackenzie McHales to do what they do best!

This noble and accomplished individual is Pat Mitchell. Pat is an alumna of our Alpha Alpha chapter at the University of Georgia. Her biography has countless awards, and high-ranking titles, most notably, President and CEO of PBS and the Paley Media Center.

As you look through the articles, you are reminded that Pat didn’t always take risks, she made decisions. She decided early on that she was going to be successful and in some accounts, she mentions she didn’t have a choice. She had to work but how was she going to make a working, single mother her dream and success. Well she did just that! She broke the mold in producing Woman to Woman, a daytime talk show that exposed women’s interests and gave them insight they could relate to, but this was only the beginning for Pat. She was one of the first woman television anchors, producers and woman reporters to broadcast from The White House.

The list of awards for Pat Mitchell is lengthy, from the Lifetime Achievement Award that bears her name, to the Emmys and Peabodys, but most importantly, she has lifted up compelling stories and provided a platform to share some of the most dynamic voices.

She asked the world to listen and her mission remains the same throughout – to create the conversation about culture and progression.

This is only a peek into Pat Mitchell’s countless and many leadership accomplishments, but in a world filled with so many desires to change, how amazing it is that our very own Pat Mitchell has decided to push the world to do just that: change.

To learn more about Pat and her thoughts on women and their careers, visit Makers Videos.

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