Convention Themes Throughout The Years

It is customary for National Conventions to have a general theme around which the program is built. At times variations of the theme will be adapted for each day’s program.

However, in earlier times this did not appear to be a common practice; at least themes were not reported in The Aglaia coverage of conventions, nor were they recorded in The Philomatheans or appear on program booklets that are available in Phi Mu archives.

The early Phi Mu National Conventions did, however, employ themes for various occasions during the proceedings, such as the closing banquet, and that theme was thoroughly developed in the various speeches or “toasts” during the evening’s program.

“A Dream of Fair Women” was the theme toastmistress Lila May Chapman, Alpha, chose for the 1934 National Convention banquet at which Phi Mu’s history was reviewed in speeches. There were others, like “Phi Mu the Conqueror” in 1925, or the ones that used the “Garden” theme, each speaker in turn describing Phi Mu collegians, alumnae and officers as various types of flowers. One such theme was “They Planted a Garden in
Dixie,” at the 1938 convention.

Below are listed the themes of conventions at which a single theme seems to have been used. Those not listed either are unavailable or did not have themes.

1931 – “The House That Phi Mu Built”
1936 – “Friendship”
1938 – “Value of Fraternity”
1940 – “The Fraternity as a Training School for Participation in Life”
1943 – “Women in a World at War”
1946 – “The Peacetime Fraternity Challenge”
1948 – “A National Fraternity Workshop”
1950 – “Leadership”
1952 – “Our American Heritage”
1954 – “National Is You”
1956 – “The New Look in Phi Mu”
1958 – “Rediscovery of Values”
1960 – “The Fraternity Voice”
1962 – “Design for Building”
1964 – “This is Phi Mu”
1966 – “Vision, Integrity, Perseverance”
1968 – “Standards of Excellence”
1970 – “Priorities for the Seventies”
1972 – “A Dozen Decades – Reflecting, Projecting”
1974 – “Les Soeurs Fideles”
1976 – “The Past We Inherit – The Future We Create”
1978 – “Phi Mu Stars Focus on the Future”
1980 – “Phi Mu – Setting the Pace for the Eighties”
1984 – “Phi Mu – A Proud Family”
1986 – “Your Fraternity – Our Future”
1988 – “Back to Our Future”
1990 – “Phi Mu – A Spirit in You”
1994 – “A Taste of the South”
1998 – “Dawn of a New Era”
2000 – “Phi Mu, A Timeless Treasure”
2002 – “A Proud Past * * * A Promising Future”
2004 – “Imagine the Possibilities”
2006 – “Kick Up Your Heels”
2008 – “Make a Splash with Phi Mu”
2010 – “Timeless Elegance”
2012 – “The Best is Yet to Come”
2014 – “Charting the Course”
2016 – “Phi Town”