Leading into the Future

L to R: Katrina Laskowsky, Gamma Alpha, and Suzann Derickson, Eta Delta.

Meet Suzann Hibbard Derickson, ΔH! Suzann is a dedicated fifth grade team leader at North Pointe Elementary in Hebron, Kentucky.  Some say teaching is in her blood, as both of her parents were teachers as well. Suzann knew at an early age she wanted to teach 5th grade, as it was a life-changing year for her.

Name: Suzann Hibbard Derickson
Chapter of Initiation: Delta Eta, Georgetown College
Current Location: Florence, Kentucky

When the last school bell rings, Suzann’s focus shifts to the ladies of the Delta Zeta Chapter at the University of Cincinnati. As Chapter Adviser since 2014 when the group reopened, she attends chapter events, meetings and is there to assist in any way possible. She also holds a seat as a Delta Eta Advisory Council member (Georgetown College). From 2010-2011, she served as Delta Eta Chapter Association President and from 2012-2014 as Greater Cincinnati Alumnae Chapter President and as an Area Operations and Finance Director.

Suzann shares, “Volunteering for Phi Mu is important to me because it allows me to give back to my Fraternity which has given me so much. Phi Mu has given me unforgettable memories; lasting friendships; countless opportunities to grow as a woman and leader; and mentors, like my chapter adviser, Sharon Henson, who have believed in me so much that I began believing in myself.  When asked by unaffiliated friends and family members why I pour hours of my life into the fraternity, my consistent response is, “because someone did it for me.” I serve as the chapter adviser to ensure the ladies of the Delta Zeta chapter have a strong sisterhood that operates successfully so the collegians are afforded the same opportunities I was, and I hope I can be to a collegian what my adviser, and other Phi Mu mentors, have been to me.”

Suzann Derickson
Pictured from L to R: Natalie Yim, Delta Zeta Chapter President; Nicki Klass, former Delta Zeta Chapter President; Suzann; and Hannah Pfaltzgraff, Delta Zeta Chapter Vice President for Panhellenic and 2015 Greek Woman of the Year. This picture was taken after the Greek Awards Banquet where the chapter was recognized as a Red and Black chapter and for Academic Excellence. Delta Zeta also received the Alumni Engagement Award. Natalie received a Rho Lambda Scholarship and Nicki was awarded Sorority President of the Year. Hannah took home the Greek Woman of the Year Award.

Area Operations and Finance Director Sharon Henson, ΔH, explains, “I am proud of Suzanne for accepting the position of chapter adviser, for serving the Fraternity, and for doing it just because she loves Phi Mu and wants to give back.”



The last #vibrantvolunteer that Phi Mu will feature is Katrina Gail Laskowsky, ΓA.

Name: Katrina Gail Laskowsky
Chapter of Initiation: Gamma Alpha, William & Mary
Current Location: Fredericksburg, Virginia

In 2013, Katrina started her role as Gamma Alpha Chapter Association President which she continues to serve in today. She also serves on the National Alumnae Membership Committee as the Alumnae Membership Coordinator. Katrina is a Fredericksburg-area Phi Mu activist, keeping many alumnae connected through social media.

Professionally, Katrina serves as the Curriculum and Training Specialist in the Marine and Family Programs Division for the United States Marine Corps. In her civilian position, she partners with subject matter experts to develop and refine training provided to Marines and their families in the realm of Personal and Professional Development.

“A few years after I graduated, I moved from an area with an active alumnae chapter to one too far away for any regular fellowship with either an alumnae chapter or a collegiate chapter. Without the benefit of nearby sisters, I struggled to find myself as an alumna. Then my collegiate chapter closed. (Don’t worry, there’s great news: we start extension this fall!). I began working with other Gamma Alpha alumnae, and with Phi Mu Headquarters, to establish the Gamma Alpha Chapter Association. I reached out to alumnae so we could show our “last” collegians that Phi Mu sisterhood is “not four years;” that gave me a renewed purpose, with regard to Phi Mu. Since I began volunteering with Phi Mu, my sense of sisterhood has been rekindled. Volunteering allows me the opportunity to give back to our sisterhood in the best way I can — with my time. It also allows me to stay active, engaged, and inspired as an alumna who lives too far away from alumnae and collegiate chapters to be a traditionally active alumna member. I encourage all sisters to bring their experiences, ideas, and skills to Phi Mu and give back to this vibrant sisterhood of ours.” – Katrina

Katrina Laskowsky
Pictured from L to R: Katrina; Carrie Smith, Gamma Alpha; Mindy Maris, Gamma Alpha; and Shelbi Mackenzie, Gamma Alpha.

National Assistant Director of Alumnae Membership Shelly McFall Aull, ΔΛ, shares, “From the day I met Katrina, I could see her passion for Phi Mu. She is incredibly motivated and dedicated to our Fraternity. She is an instrumental leader in her chapter association, and this spills over into the alumnae department. We are lucky to have her as an integral part of our team, and her positive attitude and willingness to serve are contagious.”

Suzann and Katrina, thank you so much for all you do for Phi Mu!