12 Girls Night Ideas that Guarantee a Good Time

Phi Mu Night Out is back and we can’t wait to celebrate with YOU on Thursday, April 28! This is your opportunity to connect with Phi Mu alumnae worldwide to celebrate our vibrant sisterhood!

This one’s easy: No Rules! In any way that works for you, feel free to find a sister for coffee, drinks, dinner, a playdate, shopping, or even a virtual connection with a sister in another city – it all counts!

Let’s create a record-breaking night of engagement filled with creative and innovative ways of connecting as many Phi Mu women as possible, all around the globe – with a fun night of Phi Mu fellowship! 

Feeling indecisive? Here is a list of potential #PhiMuNightOut activities!

1. You can never go wrong with a dance party with your closest friends.

giphy (6).gif

2. Or… as Stephen Colbert did it best (and could probably never do it again), take your sisters bowling! STRIKE!

giphy (5).gif

3. And even though you may not be the next Bob Ross, you can always indulge in a painting party!

giphy (4)

4. Meet sisters at a local coffee shop or invite them over for tea time! Phi Mu-themed sweet treats and quatrefoil-shaped cookies are all the rage. 

giphy (3).gif

5. If you’re exhausted from a long day’s work, we suggest inviting sisters over to your place for a scary movie marathon.

giphy (2).gif

…okay, maybe not. Perhaps you should stick to a comedy to keep the night full of laughs.

giphy (9)

6. You can never go wrong with a pizza party! Even Michelle Tanner agrees, “You got it dude!”

giphy (12).gif

7. Or, dinner out with friends.


8. Are you a sports fan? Grab a group of sisters and head over to the local ballpark. There is no better feeling than getting on the jumbo screen: “We’re famous!”

giphy (1)

9. If sports aren’t your thing, try a volunteer activity you and your sisters can do to help out your local community.

giphy (2).gif

10. Planning to work late? There is no shame in pulling an “Olivia Pope” and grabbing a glass of your favorite wine and FaceTiming or Skyping a sister you haven’t talked to in a while.

giphy (13).gif

11. Or join them for a relaxing evening at the local nail salon!

giphy (11).gif

12. Last but not least, (and we all know we’re guilty of it) take your sisters shopping! After all, your core values are the same — Love, Honor, Truth — so you’re bound to end up with something great!

giphy (8).gif

… Phi Mu Night Out – It’s THAT easy.

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