Celebrating Seven Years of the M3 Campaign

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to lucky numbers, a favorite of mine has always been the number seven. Have you ever noticed that the number seven is all around us? Seven days in a week. Seven colors in the rainbow. Seven seas. Seven continents. I could go on and on! For Phi Mu sisters this year, it’s a particularly special number because we’re celebrating the seventh year of our annual M3 Campaign!

In just seven years, we’ve raised more than $1 million that has directly impacted the lives of thousands of Phi Mu sisters across the nation. Your contributions to M3 have allowed us to directly invest in our members through academic scholarships, emergency grants for sisters in need and leadership and educational programs that encourage our members to be strong and confident leaders.

At the core of the M3 Campaign, it’s about inspiring each other to honor our Founders – Mary Myrick Daniel, Mary DuPont Lines and Martha Hardaway Redding – in the month of March by making a gift of at least $18.52 to Phi Mu Foundation. Over the years, we’ve had hundreds of collegiate chapters participate in the campaign at 100% (meaning every member of the chapter contributes at least $18.52) and alumnae chapters and chapter associations show their support by hosting fundraisers to benefit Phi Mu Foundation. It’s been exciting to watch the M3 Campaign grow and evolve for the last seven years, and I’m confident the trend will continue this year with your help.

This year, Phi Mu Foundation President Kris Bridges, ΔΝ, and I are coming together to encourage all of you to help us meet (and exceed!) the Foundation’s goal of raising $360,000 during the 2017 M3 Campaign. Both of us have benefited greatly from the work of the Foundation and in our years of volunteer work we have seen time and again the positive impact these funds can make in the lives of Phi Mu sisters.

Each of us plays an important part in making the M3 Campaign successful. Please join us in making our 7th year one of the luckiest ones yet.  Give $18.52 today!


Beth Monnin, P

Chairman of the Board

Phi Mu Fraternity National President