The Voices of Volunteers: Beyond Four Years

In honor of National Volunteer Appreciation Week, we are recognizing our amazing volunteers by letting them share their stories through their voices.

Today’s volunteers share with us how Phi Mu lasts beyond your collegiate years and is for a lifetime.

Erin Clements, ΦΓ

National Member Engagement Committee

“Phi Mu is for a lifetime. I volunteer because I want all Phi Mu women to truly believe this. The friendships, sisterhood and relationships we form do not end at graduation. Life is a culmination of the connections you make along the way, and Phi Mu creates and encourages those connections.”

erin elements.jpg
Erin (center) attended the 2016 convention in Chicago.

Edith Woodcock Brady, ΓΓ

Historic Preservation Chair for Phi Mu Foundation

“While I’ll always have a special bond with my chapter sisters, through my alumna volunteering, I have had the opportunity to meet so many amazing Phi Mus from other schools. In fact, I have met more sisters as an alumna than during my college years. My Phi Mu volunteer experience has also allowed me to continue my personal growth and development as a leader. As a Chapter Adviser and AMD, I loved the mentoring aspect of working with collegiate members. It was so rewarding to watch these young women grow as individuals and leaders as they moved through their years in the chapter. As Historic Preservation Chair, I get to see tangible pieces of our Fraternity’s history. It’s inspiring to know that I’m part of something that has persisted for 165 years!”

edith brady
Edith (left) is helping preserve Past National President Linda Beard Litter’s dress that resides in the Museum in National Headquarters.