The Voices of Volunteers: Valuing Connections

In honor of National Volunteer Appreciation Week, we are recognizing our amazing volunteers by letting them share their stories through their voices.

Today’s volunteer shares with us how Phi Mu connections gave her everything from her husband to job opportunities.

Sarah Morgan Thompson, ΑΝ

National Provisional Member Education Committee

“Phi Mu has been a foundation for so many opportunities in my life. I have made my very best friends through Phi Mu, both in college and as an alumna. Phi Mu constantly challenges me on a daily basis to be a better woman. I continue to find new meanings in our Creed that continue to help me grow as a woman. I met my husband through my Phi Mu sisters and have been fortunate enough to build a beautiful life with him. Connections through Phi Mu as an alumna volunteer has even led to career advancements and job opportunities. I love serving my sisters through volunteerism and giving back to the Fraternity that has given so much to me. I hope my service will provide education to help our provisional members learn about the foundation and history of the Fraternity as well as the opportunities and connections Phi Mu will bring them for a lifetime.”

Sarah Morgan Thompson