Eta Sigma – University of California, Merced – Formal Recruitment

Author: Molly Young, Kappa Mu
2nd Year Chapter Consultant
Resident at University of California, Merced

Recruitment is one of those things that some love and others dread. As a consultant traveling the past year and a half seeing recruitments large and small have grown my love for them. The thing I love most about a recruitment is seeing a vision come to life, building relationships with new people, and the happiness it brings on Bid day (bid day is the best day!!!)

Eta Sigma, University of California, Merced, had their second formal recruitment this past weekend and they totally rocked it! They were founded in 2016 and it feels like they are becoming more and more independent every day. As a resident consultant recruitment can look little different depending on what time of year, or where in the country I am. When I showed up at Eta Sigma, they had it all ready to go (which is a dream).
On this campus everything is done in classrooms so you have to really work with your space. You have to treat the classroom like a blank canvas, with just four walls you need to bring to life to show what your chapter represents. The challenge lies when you have to to stay within a $1,000 budget for everything. That is truly a challenge, (especially in California, so they had to get creative.

Here are a couple ways we made decorations cheap, trendy, and still look amazing:

1. Greenery Hoops:
· These are made from hula hoops from the dollar store just spray paint them gold
· Order live greenery from
· Just wrap greenery around and tape it on
· Then is perfect and can last all three rounds of recruitment!! While bringing life to a room!

2. Balloon Arch:
· Can get a variety pack of balloons from dollar store
· Just blow them up with your own breath and tie them in clusters
· Have fishing wire to tie them all together
· Then hand command strips from the wall and make an arch out of it!
· So freaking cool!!



3. Geofilters:
· Can make them online at for free
· Upload them to
· Usually on a couple dollars per hour!
· Fun and good PR as well!!




I hope these ideas help you for your next event whether is a philanthropy event, recruitment, or even just a sisterhood retreat! UC Merced is rocking the game and can’t wait to continue to see the huge things they continue to do as a chapter.