Kicking off the M3 Campaign with $18.52

Beginning on March 1, Phi Mu Foundation will launch its annual M3 Campaign, encouraging members to contribute $18.52 to the Foundation in honor of our three Founders – Mary Myrick Daniel, Mary DuPont Lines and Martha Hardaway Redding.

When you make a gift to the M3 Campaign, you are supporting the lifetime development of Phi Mu women by helping to fund academic scholarships, Fraternity leadership and educational programs, emergency grants for sisters in need and the preservation of Phi Mu history.

You may be wondering … how does my gift of $18.52 truly make a difference in the life of another sister? The short answer is: every gift – small or large – ultimately has a positive impact on our sisterhood.

Meet some of the women who your M3 Campaign contributions have assisted over the years:


To these women, your gift was more than just $18.52. Your gift was a springboard to pursue their dreams, encouragement to get back on their feet, motivation to lead and inspire confidence in others, and most of all, it was reassurance when they needed it the most.

We’ve been able to create tremendous impact together as ‘sisters helping sisters,’ and we hope you’ll join me in making a gift of $18.52 or more to Phi Mu Foundation this March.