Meet your Phi Mu Officer Academy Snapchatters

This year at Phi Mu Officer Academy – anyone can join in on the fun! Follow PhiMuFraternity on Snapchat and follow along as four collegiate officers take over the Snapchat and bring you along with them through the fun and informative weekend.

Here’s a little info about each of the women you will meet this weekend at #PhiMuOA:Cora Welton – Zeta Gamma, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Director of Harm Reduction and Prevention

“I see taking over the Snapchat as an opportunity to not only showcase my excitement for OA, but also the love that I have for Phi Mu and the love we share in our bond.”

Wen Epstein-Fisher – Delta, Tulane University

Membership Director

“After becoming Membership Director, I feel even closer and more connected to my chapter and my best friends at school really are my sisters in Phi Mu and I will be eternally grateful for them.”

Maggie Kowalski – Delta Omega, Case Western Reserve University

Phi Director

“Phi Mu has taught me to be my authentic self in every situation. Phi Mu love is unlike that of any I could have ever imagined!”

Rebekah Lenard – Alpha Lambda, Louisiana Tech University

“I’m so excited for this opportunity to go to Phi Mu Officer Academy!”