Eta Rho, Sacramento State University – Parent’s Day

Author – Caitlyn Gastfield, Rho Iota 2nd Year Chapter Consultant, Resident at Eta Rho, Sacramento State University

You’ve probably all heard this saying before- “from the outside looking in, it’s hard to understand; from the inside looking out, it’s hard to explain.” I have spent a lot of time explaining to my parents why I’m busy every single weekend or just why it’s so important to me to give back to Phi Mu. Sometimes it’s just hard to get. In college, your parents don’t always have the opportunity to meet your friends, they hear stories about the events you go to and the friends you’ve met, but they rarely ever see it.

On March 3rd, the Eta Rho chapter at Sacramento State University hosted a Parent’s Day. They had a Phi Mu Jeopardy game to quiz parents on Phi Mu facts and they held the open Founders’ Day Ceremony so they could see just what Phi Mu has grown to be.

While I loved the activities that were planned, my favorite parts weren’t what was on the schedule. Being able to meet parents and siblings of collegians I have been working so closely with this semester and seeing parents come together and experience firsthand what Phi Mu means to their child is something amazing. I am always excited to watch as collegians introduce their best friends to their mom and dad or to see how happy parents are when they’re asked to help set up the banner or manage the grill. It was clear to see how proud they were of their daughter when she took charge of an aspect of the day or just how loved she was by her sisters.

Parents Day 1


So if your chapter is having a Parent’s Day event, invite your parents! I know it would mean the world to them!