Lambda Kappa, University of South Carolina – Beaufort – Sisterhood Retreat


Author – Abigail Holtzhouser, Theta Epsilon, Resident Chapter Consultant at Lambda Kappa, University of South Carolina – Beaufort

When looking back on your Phi Mu experience, there are sure to be a few key moments that stand out like no other, putting a flashing smile on your face. Maybe that moment is running to your new sisters on Bid Day, the day you were initiated into our bond, finding your forever friends or attending the best sisterhood retreat where you have never felt closer to your chapter.


On April 7th, the Lambda Kappa chapter at the University of South Carolina – Beaufort hosted their spring Sisterhood Retreat. Although Mother Nature was not in their favor for their original planned beach day on Hilton Head Island, the women of Lambda Kappa did not let it rain on their parade!!

The event began on campus, where the sisters jammed out to 90’s music to match their theme and enjoyed a delicious breakfast of fruit, muffins and donuts before beginning activities. The Sisterhood Development Chairwoman, Taylor wanted the event to be a time where the members could hang out, have fun and relax with their sisters while also getting the chance to meet other sisters they have not had the chance to grow close to yet. After several activities with the women and learning some pretty cool facts about one another, the women jetted off to the local roller skating rink. This is where Taylor’s goal was really achieved. Once arriving at the rink, the women were free to skate at their leisure or even play laser tag as a group. Like all Sisterhood Retreats, a countless amount of pictures were taken.


From the moment I arrived on the USCB’s campus and met the women of Lambda Kappa, I was blown away. These women fully embody what it means to love and learn. They love each other deeply, past the faults and through every high and low. Learning is second nature to them.  Every chance they get, they are wanting to get to know their sisters more and more, past the surface.

Throughout this week, I challenge you all to first – love on someone you might not have recently and second – learn something new about those people you share life with. You might be surprised what you find!