Zeta Zeta, Saint Louis University – Miracle Week

Author – KeKe Greer, second-year chapter consultant, resident at Zeta Zeta, Saint Louis University.

Do you believe in miracles?!

Last week our Zeta Zeta Chapter at Saint Louis University (SLU) hosted their Miracle Week. This week was filled with different events on campus to raise awareness and funds for CMN Hospitals. A little over $1,000 was raised “For The Kids” this week!

Having a week of events is a great way to not only raise money but awareness for CMN Hospitals. Here are some of the events the chapter hosted and how you can use them for your event!

  • Miracle Balloons – For every donation that was made during this week students had the opportunity to write their name or a note to the children at the hospital on a CMN Balloon. To get these balloons contact your local hospital! These balloons cost us a low price of $0. It definitely allowed those who donated to see the impact they were making. It also brought traffic to the table.


  • Donuts for a Donation – Zeta Zeta got their donuts from a local favorite, World Fair Donuts, on campus. Always remember to let the businesses you work with know when you’re hosting a fundraiser. After spending a little time talking to the owner about why we needed so many donuts he knocked down the price. A beautiful deal of 5 dozen donuts for $30. That’s 50 cents a donut, not too shabby! These golden doughy treats sold out very quickly!
  • Cookies for the Kids – After noticing how well selling items at the table went day 1 the Philanthropy Chair decided to add Insomnia Cookies to the mix that Tuesday. That’s right, Cookies for the Kids! As I’m sure you guessed it 50 Cookies disappeared within the first hour as students swarmed the table in between classes. The chapter also hosted a profit share with Chipotle that evening.
  • Popsicle Day – The hottest day of the semester to date. Finally, on this day we saw sunshine on the beautiful SLU campus. Since it was such a beautiful day the Philanthropy Chair and President had the perfect idea to sell popsicles for a dollar a “pop.” Remember when selling items that will melt quickly- have a plan to keep them cold.
  • Queso for the Kids – this was definitely a crowd favorite. If you are planning to host this within a short time period like Zeta Zeta keep in mind the prep that goes along with it. Check out your local Sam’s Club or grocery store to buy a few items in bulk. The Philanthropy Chair worked with her committee to preheat the cheese to ensure it was good to go for prime selling time.
  • Milkshakes for Miracles – there is nothing sweeter than starting your weekend by buying a $2 milkshake that supports a great cause. Students came from one end of the campus to another to celebrate their week with a sweet treat.
  • Paired philanthropy event – Phi Mu and Sigma Alpha Epsilon share the same Philanthropy! The chapter decided to pair with Sigma Alpha Epsilon to host their first Kicks for Kids soccer tournament that will include a halftime “Music for Miracles” lip sync battle showdown. Pairing with events can help with cost and time of the event. It’s also a great opportunity to share in the fun!

When planning philanthropy events always remember to have fun! Unplanned things may come your way but, continue to roll with the punches! I can assure you that the families and CMN Hospitals are so thankful for all that you do.

Be flexible and think about what could possibly work well on your campus. Don’t be afraid to try new things! Keep making miracles happen