Psi, Adelphi University – Installation

Author: Lexi McGee, Phi Theta. resident Chapter Consultant at Psi Chapter (Adelphi University)

“Six weeks ago we were just 75 women that went to the same university, today we are a sisterhood striving to better each other and make a difference in our school and the community.” – Meghan Ashley, Provisional Chapter President, Author: Psi.

On April 21, family, friends, Phi Mu National Council, Phi Mu Foundation Trustees, campus partners and more gathered together to celebrate the re-installation and initiation of the Psi Chapter of our Fraternity at Adelphi University.

We celebrate the 75 women that fell in love with Phi Mu, but also to create a new home for women on the Adelphi campus that provides diversity, a positive change, service in the community and a voice for all. These women excitedly took this opportunity “for a new beginning for themselves and to be on the front lines of something new and exciting on campus. They wanted to be surrounded by girls who are passionate about what they do and are vibrant in their own way” shared a newly initiated member, Alexa Pawlikowski. It is safe to say, they have accomplished this mission in such a short time.

Throughout their provisional member period, they have not only learned about Phi Mu’s history and values but also the characteristics of a new home on Adelphi’s campus, how do they want to bring a change on campus and what legacy do they intend to carry for years to come.

In 1913, the Psi Chapter was first established and then continued to be a home for love, leaders and honorable women for 60 years. I can confidently say, after spending day in and out with our members, the same qualities have carried out in the women of today’s re-established Chapter. The big day consisted of celebrating these women, the revitalization of the history of this Chapter and the legacy they have created for the Psi Chapter.

“Life is not about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself”.

From the words of National President, Beth Monnin, the 75 exceptional women of the re-established Psi Chapter have successfully created a safe haven, sisterhood and legacy for many women to come on Adelphi University’s campus