The Times in Between: a Convention Guest Blog

Hannah pictured with fellow Alpha Lambda alumnae after winning an award at Carnation Banquet

*This post was written by Convention Attendee and Guest Blogger Hannah Delgado, Alpha Lambda.* 


Author: Hannah Delgado, Alpha Lambda – Chapter President and Collegiate Delegate

When I reflect on my collegiate years as a Phi Mu, National Convention 2018 will absolutely stand out as a highlight. The overwhelming week was filled with positive learning experiences, diverse encounters, and overall fun in Las Vegas. Our organization scheduled business sessions, talks with exceptional role models, and the chance to be humbled by the impact of Phi Mu on a national level.

One of the most heartwarming experiences of the week involved the service project “Clean the World”. Clean the World recycles partially used hotel items like shampoo, soap, and others to reduce our environmental impact and channel it to supporting those around us. Alumnae and collegians donned aprons and formed numerous assembly lines to help package hygienic essentials that will be dispersed into various communities. As I filled countless bags, it was reassuring to look around the room and see all those helping with enthusiastic attitudes. Phi Mu’s commitment to service reigns true as each Fraternity member shares the deep passion for serving our communities and eagerly takes advantage of the opportunity to give back.

The Exceptional Women Series can only be described as an inspiring night that reminded me of the unwavering bond I share with so many women across the nation. To hear the stories of the three women that were a part of the series helped further solidify the idea that Phi Mu consists of so many strong support systems. These women and their exceptional accomplishments, which appear so unique because they are strong individuals, all share the commonality of membership in Phi Mu. While it was only one stepping stone in their heavily decorated journeys, each detailed the role Phi Mu played and continues to play in their lives. The individuals spoke about the encounters they’ve been able to have and the ways their membership continues to strengthen their lives, long after the four years have ended. I am honored to stand beside women like these and countless others, who share strong values and commit themselves to the idea of noble womanhood.

While I enjoyed every event on the schedule, some of the best parts of convention were the times in between. Those moments where I had the chance to connect with a National Council member, collegiate peers who shared ideas that work for their chapters and ways to improve my own and talk with an alumna who continues to serve Phi Mu and its members daily. In anticipation of the week of National Convention, I was a little nervous about all of the newnesses it would bring, but I am so thankful for the opportunity I had to serve as a delegate. I was able to quickly connect with a group of such diverse women each day that shared so much about their experiences and displayed only love and support in the short and busy week. Phi Mu constantly makes connections like these possible thanks to its dedication to further each member’s growth and enrich the lives of those around us.