A Lasting Impact: A Convention Guest Blog

*This post was written by Guest Blogger and Convention Attendee, Kenzie Henderson, Epsilon Mu*

Phi Mu Convention was an absolutely incredible time, full of Sisterhood, Philanthropy, and of course, fun! I had high expectations for this Convention, but the experience in Las Vegas far surpassed anything that I could have dreamed of. It was truly humbling to meet famous Phi Mu women, to meet the women that the Phi Mu National Council is comprised of, to get to share laughs and stories with my fellow Phi Mu Collegiate Presidents, to hear employees of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals speak about their relationship with Phi Mu, and to serve the community of Las Vegas through “Clean the World.”


Kenzie Henderson, EM. Chapter President and Convention Voting Delegate

Being a Chapter President requires a lot of effort, but coming to Convention reminded me why every leader sacrifices their energy and time for this Fraternity. Through my two years in Phi Mu, I have developed lifelong relationships and I have begun to live as a “Phi Mu Woman” in love, honor and truth. However, I realized that my commitment paled in comparison to the women who lead this Fraternity. They do not just live by the major tenants of our Creed, they truly meditate and live by every word. With such exemplary women leading Phi Mu, it is no wonder why it has been such a successful organization. The women of Phi Mu not only care about their sisters, they truly care about those less fortunate.


The women who serve on National Council women were incredible, but it was also so inspiring to share stories and ideas with other Collegiate Presidents. These women, even though only 20 or 21, are such leaders in their respective communities, and I am so proud to belong to the “Collegiate Presidents” group. I was filled with the most pride when listening to Children’s Miracle Network Hospital representatives speak of the influence that Phi Mu has had on their organization.

We were lucky enough to hear a live performance from Angelica Hale, the ten-year-old America’s Got Talent Runner-Up and Children’s Miracle Network kid. She shared with us that she was still living because of the money raised from CMN Hospitals, and how she wanted to give back to the amazing organization that saved her! The work that Phi Mu does with local hospitals has always been my favorite part of being in this Fraternity, but I became all the more passionate after our designated “CMN Hospitals” day.


We were also fortunate enough to work with another Philanthropy during the week, Clean the World. Phi Mu made care packages of hygienic products for women and children that were victims of domestic abuse. This Fraternity has so many unique and amazing attributes in it, and I can’t help but think that if the world reflected Phi Mu, it would be a much better place.