10 Things I’ve Learned as a Phi Mu Chapter Consultant

Melissa English, Beta Eta
Resident Consultant at Xi Alpha (University of Colorado Boulder)

My name is Melissa English and I am a first-year consultant from the Beta Eta chapter at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. I spent the first month of my consultant experience traveling to collegiate chapters and working on recruitment, and now I am one of the three resident consultants at the new Xi Alpha chapter at the University of Colorado Boulder. Here are the 10 things that I have learned so far during my time on the road as a #PhiMuCC:

  1. I am capable of things I never imagined. This job has pushed me out of my comfort zone in amazing ways. I have always been introverted, but now I know I can talk to anyone in a recruitment event or give a presentation in front of a chapter of 300. I have seen the ways in which my presence and my help has inspired women to do more and to be better, and it has shown me that I am making a difference through this job. I know that I am capable of stepping out of my comfort zone, I am capable of reaching my goals, and I am capable of leaving an impact on the world.
  2. People are kind. Everywhere I have been, I have been the recipient of a random act of kindness that has brightened my day. I have had my food paid for, my bag checked for free, I have been bumped to the exit row and loaned laundry detergent. All of these moments where human kindness has made my day better have given me faith and hope, and have shown me the impact my own kindness can have on others.
  3. Phi Mus across the country from where I went to school are just as much my sisters as my collegiate chapter. Chapters have left me boxes full of sheets, toiletries, and Phi Mu goodies because they wanted me to feel at home. Chapter members have spent their night watching Mamma Mia with me because I had never seen it before. I have been surrounded by thoughtful and caring women who I am proud to call my sisters.
  4. How to work anywhere with a WiFi connection. Whether I am in an airport terminal, a Starbucks, or outside of the campus library soaking up the sun, this job is the ultimate lesson in working remote. I have learned how to set deadlines for myself, motivate myself, and keep myself focused even when a Frisbee game is going on five feet away.
  5. There is an endless network of support from past consultants. From alumnae that come to a recruitment event and bring supplies for your new apartment to the National President Andie Kash and countless Past National Presidents ready with words of advice, nobody understands consulting life quite like past consultants. These women understand the struggles and triumphs you will encounter during your time on the road and will be your greatest support system and greatest cheerleaders.
  6. The ins and outs of business travel. Between running through airports on a thirty-minute layover and dragging two suitcases across a never-ending terminal, I have learned out to professionally navigate setting up travel arrangements, how to network in the security line, and how to get work done on the small desk on the airplane. Because of this job, I will never be nervous to go on a trip for work, I have traveled for business more in the short time I have been a consultant that most of my peers will in the next few years combined.
  7. There is nothing more exciting than being reunited with your consultant sisters. After a month on the road, getting to work with some of the other consultants on an extension was the biggest treat.
  8. Phi Mu volunteers are superstars. As a collegian, I had no idea how many women volunteer for Phi Mu. Our amazing alumnae help our collegiate chapters every single day and are a vital part of Phi Mu. They help recruitment run smoothly, sort out day-to-day operations, and act as support for all of our collegiate chapters. They are invaluable members of the Phi Mu team and have taught me so much on my Consultant journey.
  9. Your consultant experience in what you make of it. A positive attitude makes every single day an adventure. Even though the difficult times and situations, a smile and a laugh have been some of the most helpful things. I am grateful every single day to be in this position and am blown away by the things I get to experience because of this job.
  10. That Phi Mu is an amazing organization. Every woman I have met and worked with has been inspiring, hardworking and dedicated. The women who work for Phi Mu and the collegians in our chapters across the country are truly the best women I have ever met. Because of Phi Mu, I know that this generation of women has what it takes to change the world. Phi Mu is full of strong, kind, enthusiastic women, and meeting them through this job has helped me grow into exactly the person I have always wanted to be.

As you can see, being a consultant has taught me more than I ever expected. It has been the most rewarding experience of my life, and I am so excited for future consultants to be able to experience all of these life-changing moments too. I recommend consulting to every Phi Mu I talk to, and that includes you! Applying to be a Chapter Consultant is the best decision you could make.

You can apply now at and if you have any questions about being a Consultant, email the Consultant Leadership Specialist Abby Elrod at aelrod@phimu.org.