Thankful to be a Phi Mu Chapter Consultant

Mary Margaret Hyer, Alpha Delta
Traveling Chapter Consultant

My name is Mary Margaret Hyer and I am from the Alpha Delta Chapter. When I began college over four years ago at the University of Mississippi, I never could have imagined that my first “big girl job” would be what it is; I never dreamed I would have the opportunity to travel twice a week and get to visit innumerable chapters and universities throughout our great nation; I never considered that at just 22 years old, I would be holding upwards of 40 meetings a week and honing professional development skills that would benefit me immensely in my future career; I never thought I would have the privilege of being a Chapter Consultant for Phi Mu Fraternity.


On July 21 of this year, I left home to embark on the greatest adventure of my lifetime, to date. Today, I am almost halfway through this incredible journey, and I cannot help but to look back on the last four months and think how thankful I am for this experience.


I am thankful for the new perspective on Phi Mu America that this job has given me. Since beginning this job, I’ve visited chapters and formed relationships with members in the South, in the Midwest, on the East Coast, in the Rocky Mountains, and in the Pacific Northwest. Nothing has been more inspiring to me than the opportunity to meet women all around our country who are bonded in common values and the common purpose of contributing to the success and betterment of our Fraternity.

I am thankful for the opportunity for self-discovery that being a Chapter Consultant has provided me. You find out pretty quickly who you are and what you value when you’re forced to consolidate your entire life into a 50-pound suitcase! This experience of traveling constantly and being frequently away from everything that is familiar to me has provided me with time for constant self-reflection, and I have never been more in-tune with my inner self and who I am than right now.

Of all the wonderful things that have come my way as a result of being a Chapter Consultant, I am most thankful for the people I get to work with. This experience would not be as wonderful as it has been for me without the 19 women who I am sharing the Chapter Consultant experience with, our incredible boss, and the other Headquarters Staff members and Area Team volunteers who we communicate with daily. At only 22 years old, I am confident that I probably will never again have a group of colleagues that is as thoughtful, loving, and supportive as the women I work with now.

I cannot adequately express how much this job has shaped me, empowered me, and prepared me to take on my future in the work-force in any role that I choose. After only four months of being a Chapter Consultant, this job has already provided me with the skills and resources that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. If you are reading this and are considering applying, I cannot encourage you enough to do so. Being a Chapter Consultant for Phi Mu Fraternity has truly changed my life, and I will forever be thankful for everything it has given me.


The deadline to apply is November 25, 2018, and the application can be found here. Email Abigail Holtzhouser with any questions you may have.