The M3 Campaign is Investing in Our One Destiny – Noble Womanhood

By Andie Kash, Delta Eta, National President and Foundation Chairman of the Board

Serving as Phi Mu’s National President and the Chairman of the Phi Mu Foundation Board of Trustees since 2018 has given me an incredible look into what makes Phi Mu members and chapters so extraordinary. Our chapters are filled with women who are individually unique, but it’s clear we are united by the vision laid out by our Founders nearly 168 years ago. We are all striving toward one destiny – noble womanhood. 

Phi Mu Foundation does important work to support our members on that path. The Foundation raises money to invest in our sisters, empowering them to become stronger, more confident women. Contributions to the Foundation help support of academic scholarships, leadership and educational programs, and provide critical emergency assistance to members who are going through difficult times.

The Foundation’s largest Annual Fund Campaign, the M3 Campaign, kicks off in just a few weeks on March 1. I’m encouraging every Phi Mu member to support our one destiny during this time! By contributing $18.52 to the M3 Campaign, you create endless possibilities for Phi Mu sisters. Whether it’s helping her secure a scholarship to help fund the next phase of her education or lending her a helping hand after a crisis, your gift to the M3 Campaign can truly make a difference to another Phi Mu woman.

As a token of our appreciation, collegiate chapters that participate at 100% – meaning each initiated member of the chapter contributes and/or fundraises $18.52 or more – will receive a Phi Mu Foundation T-shirt for every member. Alumnae and friends of Phi Mu who contribute $100 or more will receive a Phi Mu Foundation umbrella.

Support the lifetime development of women and our journey to one destiny by making a gift to the 2020 M3 Campaign this March. With your help, we can invest in transformational opportunities for every Phi Mu sister!