The State of the Fraternity, Continued

This is a challenging time and Phi Mu continues to rise to the challenge. I wanted to provide an update on the State of the Fraternity. This is a new part of our history, the next chapter.”

-Executive Director Darlene Reyes, Kappa Eta (Nicholls State University)
Executive Director Darlene Reyes, left, pictured with National President Andie Kash, Delta Eta (Georgetown College), at the 2018 National Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada.

In the fall 2020 Aglaia, Executive Darlene Reyes, Kappa Eta (Nicholls State University), gave an updated State of the Fraternity. Additional Fraternity updates and accomplishments are listed here.


  • Updated Chapter Development programs with virtual accommodations and adaptations.
  • Updated the New Member Experience (formerly known as the Phi Program) to accommodate a 6-week Phi Period and virtual adaptations, including a virtual Big Sister/Little Sister Reveal and the Phi Retreat.
  • Developed numerous resources to adapt the collegiate member experience to a virtually and/or socially distanced experience.
  • Created a Virtual Sisterhood Activities resource.
  • Shared virtual learning tips and free online tutoring opportunities to support members’ transition to the virtual classroom.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

  • Formed the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Working Group to research our practices, policies and member experiences to develop recommendations for the Fraternity.
  • Implementing DEI training for staff, Chapter Advisers, House Corporation Presidents and National and Area Volunteers.
  • Hired Dr. Shirley Davis as a consultant to lead Phi Mu in creating a three-year Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Strategic Plan.

Member Recruitment

  • Created numerous resources to support chapters conducting recruitment in a virtual setting.
    • Topics included workshops, conversation, membership selection, Preference, logistics and how to best use technology.
  • We developed an Implicit Bias Workshop that chapters facilitated during their recruitment workshops.
  • Created a Public Relations Toolkit for chapters to use to encourage women to go through recruitment.
  • Created a marketing video that chapters were able customize for their own needs and share online.

Ritual Services

  • Adapted Ritual Services for both a virtual and socially distanced settings.
    • Services include: Ribboning, Formal Pledging, Initiation, Formal Business Meeting, Recommitment and Third Dimension.
  • National Council, Fraternity staff and volunteers initiated over 1,000 collegiate members virtually in the spring and summer of 2020!

Collegiate Chapter Operations

  • Reviewed all aspects of chapter operations and provided recommendations and resources to help chapters function well in a virtual and/or socially distanced manner.
  • Created “From HQ to Mu,” a collegiate chapter officer newsletter, to ensure increased communication from the Headquarters to these officers.


  • Launched our refreshed brand including our new tagline, “Steadfast in Sisterhood.” The new logos, fonts and color palette are here.
  • Refreshed the Fraternity website to incorporate the new brand elements.
  • At the beginning of the pandemic, created a dedicated COVID-19 page on our website to share resources and communications with members.


  • Worked with host institutions and local health departments with chapter housing.
  • Created the “Sisterhood Pledge” to help keep our sisters as safe as possible in chapter houses.
  • Created resources for our House Corporations.

Alumnae Engagement

  • Virtual Alumnae Events:
    • Ask a Sister – monthly Facebook Live
    • Phi Mu Night In – October 27, 2020
  • Miracle Market: supporting four CMN Hospitals this year
    • Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU
    • Johns Hopkins Children’s Center
    • Medical University of South Carolina Children’s Hospital
    • James and Connie Maynard Children’s Hospital
  • Thriving Together is a new online form that allows sisters to share information about their small business.
  • Alumnae Chapter Resources:
    • Paired new Heart to Heart Matches
    • Webinar: “How to be a Virtual Heart to Heart Chapter” and virtual Philanthropy (title TBD)
    • Alumnae chapter meetings and get-togethers have gone virtual with great success in engaging members and sharing creative ideas about meeting via Zoom.
    • Connecting with the Alumnae Chairwoman at the collegiate level. Have sent a recent survey and plan to connect with how the alumnae chapters and department on the national level can better support their chapter.
  • New digital graduate resource for recent graduates in the works.
  • “In the Loop” monthly newsletter.
  • Fully digital Forever Faithful Campaign [link to donate!]
  • Alumnae Initiate resource
    • Fully digital resource that welcomes the new potential member and provides education to help her learn more about Phi Mu!