Celebrating Members’ Diverse Traditions

Over the past 168 years, Phi Mu has grown into an expansive and diverse sisterhood of nearly 200,000 sisters from Maine to Hawaii. With so many members, now more than ever, there are more celebrations, more traditions, more religions, more beliefs and more opportunities to showcase our steadfast sisterhood. Although Phi Mu maintains its commitment to our values of love, honor and truth, our Fraternity continues to adapt to reflect the diversity of our membership.

As part of our efforts to create a more inclusive and welcoming organization for all of our sisters, Phi Mu has made it a priority to publicly celebrate and acknowledge holidays and heritage months that are special to our sisters and their individual identities. Although it is a simple effort from the Fraternity, we know that our members value being seen and enjoy sharing parts of their culture with other sisters.

Personal traditions are so important, especially during these unprecedented times. They are sources of comfort and joy in a world that seemingly lacks both at the moment. Phi Mu strives to cultivate spaces of celebration and meaningful conversations among our sisters. There is strength and beauty in our differences and our sisterhood is better for the diversity of our members. True to our values of love, honor and truth, we expect our members to be respectful of each other and communicate constructively about the different identities, values and traditions represented in our sisterhood.

We continue to grow our calendar of holidays and rely heavily on our membership to inform us of important days that they would like to see be celebrated by Phi Mu. Some resources we use for our own research are:


We appreciate the stories of culture and heritage that our members have shared with us on our social media platforms over the past year. If you have any traditions, stories or holiday information to share with us, please email socialmedia@phimu.org.